Monday, February 9, 2009

What's going on

It's been a busy day! I worked at Claymakers this morning, unloaded two kilns, loaded two kilns, hydrated and sieved glazes I mixed on Saturday, glazed twenty or so pieces for a Raku firing on Saturday, went by the rental place and picked up a pallet jack, drug my kiln through my yard, got it in place finally. Yesterday we built a glaze table out of some scrap lumber and a door I found on the roadside. How many of you out there can pass a dumpster or a pile of trash without taking a quick look to see what might be useful. Not me. I think it comes from years of theater budgets and building props with little to no money. I can find me some treasures in dumpsters! So all that's left is to call the gas comapny and get a hook up, wait for more $$ to come from somewhere to buy a pyrometer and some tongs, build a shed for cover, and I'm ready to rock and roll with this baby! Long time comin'

Pallet jacks are very cool! $15 dollar rental for 4 hours, not bad.


RedHotPottery said...

very cool!!

Ron said...

Looks great, glad you got it in place.

DT said...

Wow! You're a machine. Glad you got you're set up done.