Thursday, May 28, 2009

Raku Results

Here are some raku results from the weekend. Some keepers I think

I love, love , love these bowls. I think my palette is going to be the green and white. Quite nice together. The question is: what are they for? They aren't functional for food, what would you do with them?

This tile is from a lino cut rubber stamp Wesley made for her band's t-shirts. I like it!
Copper red doing what it should. Most of the other pieces got too much oxygen and went really blue.
Here is a test tile of some of the new glazes using the Amy Sanders tile demo. I think this will get more exploration, it has possibilities
and some pendants.


Judy Shreve said...

Some really nice raku work! I love the green bowls -- and the white --- and the pendants!

How do you resolve the non-function issue with the raku bowls? What happens when they venture into the world on their own?

They are beautiful & you could fill them with fruit (non wet kind) -- or potpouri -- little rocks.

tsbroome said...

I have been wrestling with that non function issue. A lot of raku artists put little tags on that say not food safe but what to do when the tag disappears or the piece goes to someone else that wasn't told it wasn't for food. I have been thinking that a stamp on the piece would be good. I don't know.....
buyer beware.....?

Linda Starr said...

They all are so beautiful, I love the green bowls contrasting with the black feet and that copper red is wonderful. I think the stamp on the bottom or on the back in small print- Raku = non food safe

I have been wondering about this same dilemma for my barrel fired items, for now I am typing up a description saying how to care for them and that they are not food safe and that the description should be kept with the piece, but that is hoping for a lot. So now I plan to concentrate on making items which cannot be used for food, tall thin vases, covered boxes, tiles and the like. Even if I used a stamp I don't think it would show up with some of the black coloring on the bottom of the piecs.

Is there such a thing as food safe on the inside and raku on the outside? Probably a dumb question, not sure how it would be fired.

Judy Shreve said...

I think it's a dilemma. The colors in raku work are so gorgeous on bowls -- or even big platters and vases. I don't know how to educate the buyers - but one at a time. I have a friend who puts a small hole in her raku bowls/plates & even vases so that the owner knows they can't hold wet stuff.

Anonymous said...

i guess i would just admire them... always loved that green crackle raku look

Kyle Kunnecke said...

I love your raku pieces... my fav. pieces so far have been with the crackle raku glazes - I used one small bowl as a container for a cactus garden - they don't use *that* much water so I think they'll survive for quite a while... so that's one option...

also, I was thinking you might be able to use a clear low fire glaze over the raku then try low firing it... if that's even food safe (I shouldn't even try to come up with suggestions since I really don't know) - but that might work... in the end, they're gorgeous -

I also use one raku bowl to hold my keys, change, etc. etc. that would otherwise have to be put away (and we can't have THAT, can we!)


cindy shake said...

I LOVE the way the black looks on that cool spiral trimmed foot. The skull is AWESOME! I'm oh so jealous of your great Raku set-up -I know you waited a long time to be able to do Raku. Congrats.