Friday, July 3, 2009


What a great week! I have had several full days in the studio this week, no interruptions, got a lot done. I've been making mostly flower pots and tiles for Raku. I got a small kiln load of cone 10 glazed and loaded and today I'm firing a reduction for the first time. Should be interesting. I have a blue ash glaze that I'm trying out, ash from my fireplace. I put it on a couple of bone dry pieces to see how a once fire might go. So the combination of a first firing, ash glaze, and once firing should prove interesting. This is mostly an experimental load, I'm trying out a couple of blue glazes, and some combos with Choy Blue and Malcolm's Shino. Also have a little Shaner's Red and I think a Dresang under Choy Blue. Nothing in this load is too precious, so it will be fun to see what comes out. I'll probably unload tomorrow night so photos Sunday if I have time. Wesley's band is planning a party here for the weekend.

Woke up to 70 degree temps and a Carolina blue sky. What a day to fire. Tyler curled up in a ball in a small patch of sunlight and is out here napping with me by the kiln.

I have pots everywhere, I'm running out of room. Dining room table is storage as well as the deck. I have more pots in the studio waiting for trimming. I dropped the pot in the lower right corner so I made a wall vase out of it. I rather like it, will have to make more of them I think.
This is a small tray I'm trying out, I used a slab of bark that I found in the wood pile last time we had a wood firing at Susan's. I love the texture it gives. I formed the slab over an old wine bottle that Gerry brought back from Switzerland. I like this form, hope it fires well with raku glaze.


Hollis Engley said...

You must be excited to see how that reduction firing goes. I've got one going now in my kiln and - surprise! - my upper cones have disappeared. They were there a few hours ago ... I think. Anyway, never a dull moment. Hope things go well for you, Tracey.

tsbroome said...

Well, surprise for me too. I forgot to put cones in! I have been used to doing the raku firings without using them and at about 900 degrees I realized there were no cones to look at! Oh well, with everything else it should be interesting!