Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fall Anyone?

Today Wes and I sat up a booth at the Duke Homestead for the Tobacco Harvest and Arts Festival. At first I had reservations about doing this show since my dad died of lung cancer from smoking three packs a day. I'm not a big fan of tobacco obviously. But the festival was great and it was a heritage education for Wesley. There were historic demonstrations all day and the legendary blues man John Dee Holeman did two performances. The artists there were great and we made lots of new friends. Thanks to the North Carolina Arts Council and especially Jennifer Huggins who worked so hard out there today! This was a pilot program to combine arts festivals with historic sites in N.C. and I think the combination is brilliant. I had sooooo much fun today. Perfect weather, nice people, sold some pots, and my kid was with me all day studying her college history course while seeing demonstrations of exactly what was in her text book. How cool is that? What could be better. Thanks to all of the very nice people that gave my pieces new homes!!! Enjoy...........
This is the Duke Homestead, check out their website for more info on tours and what the place is all about. Really worth a visit if you are in the area.
Some very nice pottery inside the house! I feel the call of historical earthenware. I am really trying to fit earthenware into my plan and this just might be the way. Shows every month at historic sites, could be a fun time for me......
This poor child was working over that hot fire making pancakes.
But she had a beautiful batter bowl and dipper don't you think!
I,of course, was loving the fire. I swear I think I must have been a gypsy in a former life that set fire to things!! See the little pancakes there in the fire? I just stopped at Bojangles and got a biscuit, easier!
There in the tobacco field was the artist colony. What an absolutely beautiful day it was.
And this was the view from my booth all day, not bad huh!?


Linda Starr said...

what an historical atmosphere, so relaxing looking. Great photo of your pots with the cabin in the background.

Hollis Engley said...

Lovely view, Tracey. I'm off to Charlestown, just outside Boston but on the harbor, to a show tomorrow. Hoping to find new homes for some Cape Cod pots.

Patricia Griffin said...

What a great day! Love the idea of your daughter reading/studying the same topics that surrounded you that day.