Saturday, October 24, 2009

This blog thing

Yesterday Wesley and I drove down to Seagrove for the day. We were invited to have lunch at Whynot Pottery with the Whynotians, Mark and Meredith. It was a great day for a road trip, just a little cloudy and the leaves are at their best colors right now. To get to Whypot Pottery, you turn in to a dirt road, lined with pine trees and follow it past a beautiful pond, until you reach the red building. What a paradise. We had great pizza and salad and even better conversation. Mark and Meredith helped out with trouble shooting my glaze issues. Meredith and I are in very parallel universes and it was so fun to finally meet her. What a great couple.
I just love this blog thing. I have met so many great people. How else would I have stayed at Michael Kline's while taking John Britt's workshop and had dinner with his great family. or had my own personal tutorial videos from Brandon Phillips (which by the way helped me throw mugs and bowls and pull handles better than any class I have taken!) or have pizza at Whynot or get glaze advise from Judy, Hollis, and Peter, and then there is the moral support from Linda, Jen, Cindy, Jim, Laura, Susan and on and on, I'm leaving out lots of names, but it's all of the pottery bloggers out there that leave comments and post great blogs themselves. I love your blogs, I love hearing from you and I think this is such a phenomenal new way of making friends and learning about our craft. Meredith and I were saying that we really need to have a bloggers get together somewhere so we could all meet.
The Whynot shop is great and Meredith gave me and Wesley one of her beautiful pendants. She gave Wes only a couple of choices, Wesley being a Taurus and all, she needs few choices and Meredith has a Taurus child so she knew this!

After lunch and a studio tour, we went by Dean and Martin Pottery. What a fantastic shop and the pottery is just spectacular. We met Steffanie and chatted with her briefly. I totally forgot to mention to her that I have a blog, I was so captivated by their work. After Dean and Martin we stopped in to see Fred Johnston at Johnston and Gentithes. Fred is so fun to talk to and has some of my favorite pottery. If you have ever stopped by and talked to Fred, you know that we were there for awhile and then it was 5pm and I had to get home, so we missed so many other people we wanted to visit. Just means I'll have to go back though, so not all bad :)


cookingwithgas said...

easy fix- you will have to come back.
We loved having you and your wonderful daughter here.
It was great fun.
Now- let's get this party started.

Peter said...

So nice to read of your day out meeting great people and lovely potters. It would have been a real encouragement for you (and it made me happy too just reading about it!). The blogging thing is such a wonderful development, it is so good that people share help and experience and give encouragement. We all progress as a result. I certainly could feel for you with how you were in your previous post, glazes have to be one of the most frustrating things!! I want to do some investigation of my own with raku, or raku like glazes that could be done on functional ware. I've been giving it quite a bit of thought on an off, and may make time soon to try out some ideas and firing techniques.

ang said...

hey that was a great day, and i agree what fun it is to meet and learn from fellow bloggers, brilliant stuff!!

Patricia Griffin said...

Y'all want to come to California for a bloggers' party? The welcome mat is out!

Linda Starr said...

Yeah, a blogger's party and then reunions every so often. I can't wait to start on our travels. You have no idea how much support you and others are to me.