Sunday, November 8, 2009

Raku weekend

I wanted to get out the to Orange County Studio tour this weekend but Wesley found out she has Mono on Friday and wasn't feeling up to it. We always go together and I didn't have the heart to go without her so I re fired some raku today from last week, and then sanded and washed bisque for a ^10 on Tuesday. Also mixed up and tested some raku glazes for my class on Thursday. The students in the class are coming out to my house for their first firing. Should be lots of fun. I'll get some pics up on Wednesday after the cone 10 hoepfully. These are really nice bowls and mugs so keep your fingers crossed that they survive!


ang said...

indeed, survival of pots crucial..! hope the refire went well..

Linda Starr said...

Hope Wesley gets better soon, good luck with your raku and Cone 10 firings.

Judy Shreve said...

the Raku pots look great! Sorry Wes has mono -- YUCK! Hope she feels better soon.