Sunday, November 15, 2009

Unique marketing

Wesley and I spent the day at Barnes and Noble Bookstore helping promote the Artscenter in Carrboro today. It was rather unique. They asked several instructors to come in and talk about their classes and B & N gave a portion of sales today to the Artscenter. Great way to raise a bit of $$ and meet potential new students. There was a painter at the front entrance, theater and music performances by the youth conservatory in the children's section, a table for kids to come and work with clay and I got the best location of all, right by the magazine stand. Guess what I did with the down time?! Latte and magazines on a Sunday afternoon, heaven! I met a lot of lovely people that were interested in clay and several that are probably going to be taking one of my classes. As a bonus, Wesley got to spend some time researching for two essays she is working on. I can't say yet what they are for but she has been nominated for something pretty great and I will tell you more next week when I am allowed to!! Happy week everyone, I get to start off Monday with no where to go, first time in FOUR YEARS! Wow, I wonder if I will just auto pilot my way to Claymakers tomorrow:)


cookingwithgas said...

cool! very cool!
I like that the guy is looking for a mag on Kitchens.
At least that is what I think!
But really this is a wonderful way to promote the arts.

Trish said...

Yes, an excellent marketing idea..good for them!
Tracey...a beautiful green vase on your table at the store.
Also... enjoy your Monday morning. (I have read your previous blogs regarding the upheavel of the last few days)--- You said it yourself: "Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly-- You will move forward to new ventures, standing tall.
Grace and Strength to you.
Trish from Alberta, Canada said...

Hi M. that guy was back there forever! Trish, good to hear from you from Alberta! My daughter was conceived in Alberta, I know TMI. We love it there, hope to take her there next year for summer vacation. She too is a Taurus!Thanks for your good wishes:)