Monday, January 18, 2010


Did everyone have a nice holiday today? We started out at Sutton's Drug Store on Franklin St. for breakfast. Sutton's is one of the last remaining soda fountain/drug stores left in NC, built in 1923. Cheap, good food! The atmosphere is Carolina basketball and locals gathering for chats and great food. Then a walk around campus for some sunshine that I have not seen for awhile.
I love the prescription counter and the pharmacist with his pharmacist jacket on. so classic.
The shadow on the building is the bell tower on campus. There used to be a group that gathered there every Saturday at noon before the ball games for a "12 o'clock high". I wonder if they still do that?

There is that famous Carolina blue sky. There is a saying that if God isn't a Tarheel why is the sky Carolina Blue? It sure was today. So nice to be out in the 56 degree temps and beautiful skies. I even got in several Raku firings today. I'll post some more pics tomorrow of the pots all cleaned up
and if firing the kiln wasn't enough we built a fire and tossed on the dead Christmas tree. Do you think I have had enough flames this week? Pit firing, saggar firing, Raku and a bonfire.
Happy days! I have a picture tomorrow for Ron Philbeck too, to show you my "sacred space" pottery wheel.


Dirt-Kicker Pottery said...

56 degrees sounds so nice. I love Raku. Simon Leach is building a Raku Kiln right now. I've been watching his progress on his Youtube sight.

cookingwithgas said...

This weather calls for a day out!
Looks like you had a great day off and about.
Hey- those stars look interesting- how big and do they hang? said...

I love those Simon Leach videos! Yes great weather here, you just have to be outside when it's like this in January! MH, the stars do hang, I sold tons of them for Christmas, but they are a bit heavy. I tried making them thinner this time but they are very fragile when thin.

jimgottuso said...

that's a beautiful jar tracey... sounds like a wonderful and event packed day you had. that prescription counter looks like it's out of an old movie. 56 degrees in january, dreamy

Linda Starr said...

The soda fountain sounds fun, I love it when those old places are still in use. Your work is looking so great. what fun to have all those firings all in one week, you have my head spinning. said...

Thanks Jim and Linda, yep, my head is spinning too!