Saturday, February 20, 2010

Red and white

Ahhhh..... the red clay is back. I have had some of Highwater's brick red around here forever, finally cleaned all the white clay from around my wheel and threw some of this clay yesterday. I really like it, just enough grog to feel like clay instead of plastic, it is a beautiful color when fired to cone 6 and I think I will just use a PVC liner and leave the outside without glaze, because we all know that I don't like glaze! I was thinking about this yesterday and I think that I just truly love the clay, not the decoration of it, I like a piece when it is in the most natural state it can be in and still be useable. If I could I would just have greenware :) this is what attracts me most to Raku and smoke firings, you see so much of the clay in it's natural state. Don't get me wrong, I love the glazes on other people's work, but when I make something, I seem to have a hard time giving it up to the decoration of the piece. Probably symbolic for how I am myself, jeans, t shirt, one pair of shoes that I wear forever, one necklace I never take off.... It's weird because way back when I was a runway model for Belk department stores and was signed with a modeling agency in Myrtle Beach. The people that knew me then would never believe how I am now. I used to wear designer clothes, lots of jewelery, makeup, I owned more shoes than I could ever wear. Such high maintenance. Maybe that's why I don't like decorating pots, I did so much of that to myself, and then later decorating showrooms, it's just all too complicated and unnecessary.
Saggar fire today, will report back with findings tomorrow. Gerry is off for a couple of days, so no reports from Vancouver. Happy weekend!!!


Anonymous said...

i have to agree with the look of unfired clay... if i could figure out to glaze it so that it looked like damp clay, i would.

Dirt-Kicker Pottery said...

To embellish on natural beauty is to take away from.

Trish said...

Good day the tumblers with the houses on, and yes, there is such a beauty in the leather hard clay, the colour of it before it is completely dry. And..yeah for 'o-naturalle'..comfortable in your own skin..a good place to be.A friend and I are off to a cone6 glaze discussion tomorrow.(about 2+ hours away --hope the fog lifts and my head cold abates!)
Happy Saturday to you! T.

ang said...

ala natural then!!

cookingwithgas said...

what a fun Day- makes it all worth while!