Wednesday, April 14, 2010

One of a kind

Yesterday as I was pulling random things from the raku kiln, Gerry commented that I was a one of a kind potter. Not like "wow, you are one of a kind" but wow, you only make one of everything.
He's right, I get an idea, and I work it out, test it, and then find I didn't like the idea enough to make a bunch of them, so I move on. I would really like to slow this pattern down a bit, make more with less forms, instead of a bunch of things that don't relate. I am getting close. I have found things that I do like making over and over, and have found things I know I won't make again. I really like making bowls and trays so those are going to stay, but all of this little stuff I have been using for testing has got to go. I want to get bigger pieces that have more substance. Another reason, unfortunately for making all the little stuff is the kind of festivals I'm drawn to. The folks at these festivals are going to want to buy little items that they can afford and can carry around at the festival. So, I have to work that out. I really like these houses and am developing that idea more and more. The mugs are coming along, and I have some pinch pot cups that I think are going to be pretty cool, we will see after I fire the next kiln. so, on with the process. After this push to get enough made for Shakori, I am going to inventory what works, what I like and what to put together as a more solid body of work. Off to get ready for my workshop today. We are going to see Roman Candle tonight at the Cat's Cradle. This is so cool, Wesley came home last week with three tickets for the show. How lucky are we as parents to have a teenager that brings home concert tickets so her parents can go with her and her friends. Blessed!
See ya!


Judy Shreve said...

I like the 'wow' one of kind potter!

I have a difficult time producing multiples too. The most I can ever muster is 5/6 of something and even those aren't exactly alike. The problem I'm finding is folks are asking for specific repeats -- and I just can't do it. I'm so finished with the particular form or glaze that I can't re-create it.

I'd never make a production potter. But you know what -- we don't need to be. Enjoy what you make -- it's pretty fabulous & just be that kind of 'wow' potter who makes one of a kind things!

Patricia Griffin said...

I get most excited when off an running with a new idea too, but am working on staying with a series and finding great satisfaction in seeing the development

How cool that your daughter wants you to join her and her friends. Our son is the same, and we always feel like pinching ourselves. Very lucky indeed!

swhite said...

I am having the same issue with the demand for smaller things. I am a college student at the moment still in my early stages of exploration. Small things I know I can whip out. My only market so far has been at music festivals and your right people want stuff they can carry around and not have to spend alot on.
I am also told alot that I should try to make more multiples of things that come out well, but I also have so many ideas. As long as you keep record of the forms and glazing techniques you like, you can always go back to them:)

ladyofclay said...

Hi Tracey, You often write about pottery things that I have struggled with or am in the process of working out. The idea of being disciplined enough to produce several ware boards of a great design all lined up like peas in a pod appeals to me... I rarely do it. I can make sets of salad/dessert bowls, mugs, goblets ect. But it feels so robotic and takes the creativity out for me. As soon as a customer asks me to make something specific it seems as though I unconsciously veer away from producing anything close to that ! I do find it helps to keep a visual record of what works so that I can re-visit it but I have begun to give myself permission to produce what I enjoy and that happiness will be evident in the piece. Take a look at the pics of casseroles on my blog and you'll see strong evidence of not making the same thing twice !

cindy shake said...

I'm with you sister. When I make similar things, I see them more as a "series" but really never in multiples because of the subtle (and not so subtle!) differences. What's frustrating is that smaller anything's can take just as much time as the larger higher dollar works -arrggh. I do think it's important to have a mix of it all for Show's though -don't give anyone a reason not to drop some ca$h-ola at your booth!!

Tracey Broome said...

Hi everyone: Glad I'm not alone out there! Nice to see some comments from some new folks, Hi!

Dirt-Kicker Pottery said...

Let's hear it for the "One of a Kind" Potter!! Variety is the spice of life.

Shirazi said...

Nice pottery!