Saturday, June 5, 2010

Friday Art in Raleigh

There was a huge crowd out last night for the Art Walk in Raleigh. The ampitheater had a free concert and all of the galleries and shops were open. Lots of street corner entertainers and musicians. Very festive! I don't particularly like Raleigh, full of yuppies and serious business and political folks, but we had fun last night walking around and seeing some great art. The NC Landscape Show was pretty much a two dimensional show and a couple of the prize winning pieces were photography.
Here is the first place winner. I didn't photograph the prize winning photographs, that seemed like an odd thing to do, but they were ok. I liked some of the things that did not win much better. That's the thing that bothers me about these shows that award prizes, it's just one or two people's opinions and who's to say. Everyone likes different things. There was some very nice work overall and I was very proud for my barns to be included in the show. They looked sort of alone in the gallery with all of the wall art, but they were fine.
This was one of the only other three dimensional works. It was one of my favoriate pieces, and look, photos of silos! So this was my first juried gallery event, judged by one of the curators at the Mint Museum, so I was honored to be selected. I did feel a bit anonymous, I never go to Raleigh and don't know anyone there and no one at the gallery ever spoke to me or knew who I was. I much prefer to go into the NC Craft Gallery where Sarah knows every artist and always mentions something about that artist when one of her customers makes a purchase. She makes it a much more personal experience. If anyone buys one of my barns and asks the gallery about me, the only comment they are going to be able to make is "I don't know". I was left feeling a bit cold about the whole thing, but still happy to see my barns in a lovely gallery. They did a nice job of displaying them and they had a good crowd, so that's all good. I'm taking a bunch of seconds to the Farmer's Market today, marking everything at $5 or below and clearing out. I had a big cleaning spell this week and need to get rid of this stuff to make room for more! But first I gotta go help wash the cars. Adios amigos!


cookingwithgas said...

Good for you- and bad on them for not knowing who you were.
I guess there was no one there with name tags.
Even though I hate name tags there are times they work.
You should have been introduced around.
But- it might just open some (barn) doors for you!

Tracey Broome said...

M. all in all it was a good experience and I needed to do it because I would really like these barns and houses to find some galleries one day. It was just weird how there was no communication with the gallery at all. I sent in an application by mail, checked the website to see if I was accepted, dropped my pieces off to a girl that barely spoke and then showed up for a reception that was packed but no identifiable person in charge of it all. Strange....I wonder if most galleries are like this?

Liz said...

Wow, that book is amazing! I find the impersonal approach that this gallery has toward the artists and to art very disconcerting. Any gallery I have worked with has wanted to know the artist. It is to the benefit of both parties to actually sell the work, and frankly that means selling the person behind the work.

Linda Starr said...

Your barns look great there, I think there must have been some unexpected disorganization happening on the part of the gallery. But I like Meredith's comment about opening some barn doors and hope that is just around the corner.