Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I meant to wish all of you dads out there a Happy Father's Day a little earlier than this, but better late than never I guess. It has pretty much been a suck ass day for me. I have cried for most of it and now I just plain have a headache. I lost my dad 6 months after Wesley was born to lung cancer and there is not a day that goes by still that I don't miss him or need him for something. I was a daddy's girl and am very much like him in many ways, like I have his complete lack of business sense, up until a few years ago, I had his high metabolism and could eat anything and everything in sight without gaining a pound, I have his talent for working my ass off and never making any money, then giving away most of what I do make. My dad could look at a piece of furniture and go build it, he could charm just about anyone he met, I never saw him act unkindly towards one single person no matter what, and every single day that he walked through the door at our house he kissed my mom hello and then he kissed me. I knew for certain more than anything, he loved me. He suffered a lot in the Navy and he could go for very long times without speaking, but I still got a kiss. He was a good person, and had a really shitty time with the cancer that attacked him for the last year of his life. I had a hard time dealing with a new baby and a dying father and I have a lot of regrets for the way I acted, so if your dad is still alive, give him a hug and a kiss and cherish the time you have with him. It really sucks when they are gone.


cookingwithgas said...

It sounds like you are a lot like your Dad!
Our daughter is her daddy's girl and at the age of 5 came to me and told me she had watched everything I was doing and it would be okay if I left because she could take care of her dad.
I am lucky they let me stay!
Best Tracey- I miss mine too!
To Dads everywhere- cheers!

Hollis Engley said...

Amen, Tracey.

Trish said...

Tracey..hugs from across the miles!.
A wonderful post about your father..My Dad died seven years ago at 84 and still missed. Thankfully we do remember. :)..

Re: your 'back from vacation' post..what a wonderful collection of photos..beautiful and congrats on the sale!!
Grace and Strength. T.

FuturePrimitive said...

God Bless Tracey x

Judy Shreve said...

Tracey - sounds like your dad still lives in you! What wonderful memories - and talents you share with him.

Sounds like you had a fabulous week in Boone. Loved the pictures & congrats on your piece selling!

Tracey Broome said...

hi everyone, thanks! Feeling better today, I'm not a big fan of these holidays :)