Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thanks bloggers!

THIS is why I blog!! I was awake at 2am, couldn't sleep and my blogger pal Meredith has similar nights so I emailed her to whine, and she sent out a prompt reply to cheer me up and had good reasons why I should. Hollis was blogging with me at 1am and then today bloggers Judy and Gay sent me an email to tell me that my pear was featured on Studio Potters online newsletter, which I don't get and I would have had no idea. I really don't want to read REALLY LONG blog posts, unless they are really meaningful to me, I read a LOT of blogs and I don't have time to read on and on blah blah blahs from those who are oh so much smarter than I am about the things I am supposed to know about pottery, who really gives a crap? I got stuff to DO. (with one exception, I will set aside Jim Gottuso's blog to read when I have time because he is funny and has that child I adore, but Jim, I passed on the latest one, sorry!)
I am in a piss about my working situation right now and I vow that by the first of the year I will have something better. I will get some photos up of the mess I had yesterday after torrential rains and you will see what I mean.
One last thing........I had FOURTEEN inches of my hair cut and I am freaking out. I also had it dyed red. So, I'm sort of a mess right now and think it's best to let all those with focused brains educate us on the academics of dirt. I'm just trying to figure out who that is looking back at me in the mirror right now. That's about all I can handle!


Cinderelish said...

Congrats on Studio Potter. That is exciting. I want to see before and after pics of the hair. It sounds like quite a change.

Judy Shreve said...

Isn't it ironic that when we are most frustrated with our work is when we get into shows & have these little surprises that honor our direction. Very cool that Studio Potter chose your photo - they had lots to choose from in this issue.

But you need a proper studio & quit working in the heat & rain or cold. Your work is amazing & I just wish you didn't have to battle the elements to make it.

And a redhead -- wooo! Bet it looks fabulous!

Anonymous said...

I just saw your pear in my email before I left the office...yay!

Wow...minus 14 inches and Red. Awesome.

ang said...

is that red red, auburn red or pink red??? now that's post material..:))

cookingwithgas said...

hey when your hot your hot- red hair and all!
Your pear and did you see Jim's pot!?
( go back and read the post when you have time- there is blood and a lake of clothes that will make you laugh!)
In a piss.
Potters interested (in) simple simplicity... there is something working in there some where.
PS- I like that someone besides me is wandering around on line during the wee hours...

Hollis Engley said...

Uh ohhhhhhh ... ok, Broome, let's see the hair.

Ron said...

That's right we must see this new hair cut and color!!!
I am with you 100% on this post. Too long and my eyes cross and I pretty much lose interest after the first blah blah whatever. And Jim is totally MY exception too!!! Always good time spent there! Way to go on the Pear, you Rock!!!

Tracey Broome said...

I have to say that I will also read a long blog that Hollis writes because he tells a good story, but that's about it. The hair is dark red so hard to tell unless you are in the sun, but it is soooo short!

FetishGhost said...

Man I hate it when I write something funny but it just seems inappropriate after I see it written out.
Delete is still a friend and Red is a good color to live with.

Anonymous said...

hi tracey, well first off congrats on the picture in studio potter and it is a bit cruel to describe such a drastic hairdo change and not have the accompanying picture or even better before and after shots. was the night everyone was up tuesday? because that night i woke at 12, got up at 1 and turned on the computer and didn't go back until 4 a.m. that's when i wrote the post with no pictures. truthfully, i've been out of commission and have a dearth of work to show and my boredom is really getting to me. i think i may get on the bike tomorrow just because i can't take the taking easy anymore.

Anonymous said...


Linda Starr said...

Congrats on the pear, that's super.

I used to have hair down to my waist for 35 years and got it cut off and freaked out too. My post tonight shows the top of my head with almost black hair; I used to have blond hair how did it turn so dark these last couple of years. when I saw the photo Gary took I immediately thought I'm getting it done and dyed before our trip. I can't wait to see your new do. It's a long post about loading a kiln, but you can scroll down to see my hair; I hope someone can learn from my posts like I learn from others.

I've moved so much greenware and bisque ware in out of my car for so long, not having a studio is so frustrating and outdoor elements are the worst. A new studio is on it's way I just know it.

Nu Kua said...

In my life, the moments I drastically changed my hairstyle it almost always meant that something somewhere was going to change. For the better that is!!
I think maybe it was an announcement to the world to look for me or my circumstances to change, haha
(I've had very (very!) short black hair, long red, blond and all in between.
Now I'm letting my hair grow 'naturally blond'. :-)

congrats on the pear!
hope I'm not hurting your feelings but I like reading your blog when your in a pissy mood. you say what you want to say and mean it, I like that!
I'll try to keep my posts a bit shorter, I love your comments.. haha better stop now..... :-)

Sister Creek Potter said...

Well, I see that the 'hair' is the story today! I had mine cut for the "Mexican Connection" and have regretted it ever since! I was doing it to fit in and knew I would not be happy after the trip. Unfortunately, it did not even work for the trip! But it will grow out again--I keep telling myself!

Kari Weaver Hopkins said...

Love the publicity!

I agree with Nu Kua about life changes and hair. I do the same thing (dying mine red after months of embracing the gray, but then getting braces at 43).

I also agree about long posts (something I put in my response to my follow-up to Don Pilcher). I then proceeded to read Jim's and was laughing out loud and remembered that THAT is why I read blogs. Working alone in the studio (or out on the porch) allows way too much time for introspection and not nearly enough gut-busting fun.

I am grateful for all you bloggers too. You guys are a great bunch. But don't expect to see me online at 1 am. I like my sleep.

Laura said...

oooohhhh girl!! I gotta see that hair! I bet it's amazing. xo