Thursday, December 16, 2010

Snow Day

Most of you know by now from my past whining that I mostly work outside on my deck, so do you think I'm getting any work done right now? Hell no! Wesley and I curled up on the sofa all day, she had a snow day from school, she is missing mid terms and I can't work with all the frozen stuff on the deck, so we built a fire, put a pot of soup on, had hot chocolate and watched movies all day. Gerry had to photograph the governor today, left the house in a tie and jacket, rare occasion for that, and then a winery tonight that makes mead. What an odd assignment day for him. I cruised around for awhile on Etsy and I take it all back, there is some really cool stuff out there. I could become one of those home shopper addicts very easily.
The photo is from a huge snow storm we had in Charlotte about six years ago. Did Wesley really grow that fast!? what a sweet child.


cindy shake said...

We had two snow days (ice rain) in a row a couple weeks ago -you know that's bad when Alaska closes it's schools!! I did a double take when I saw that photo -ha, I was thinking that hat REALLY makes Wesley look younger ;o)

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

who made that perfect minerature snowman???
Welsey? I'd like that as the centerpiece at my Christmas dinner.

Tracey Broome said...

I can't believe schools close in Alaska!
hey Julie, yep, Wes made that cute snowman. I just made books for everyone in the family for Christmas and this snowman is the cover (different photo) that would be a great centerpiece!

Dennis Allen said...

Watching movies and drinking hot chocolate with your teenage daughter sounds like a very productive day.

Linda Starr said...

I was thinking she looked awfully young, then I saw this was taken a few years ago. Enjoy the snow.

Anonymous said...

aside from the governor thing, that sounds like my kind of day. the look on wes' face in that photo is absolutely precious. it saddens me a bit to think of how quickly it will go past and then when it's passed, i'll be old. oh right, i forgot, i'm already old if you ask the little one.