Monday, January 10, 2011

The Fifth Floor

There are some new tiles in my Etsy shop, I'm trying to get back to a regular cycle here but the weather is really throwing me off. I need to Raku some work tomorrow but we have an ice storm coming, well, that's going to be fun!
You may have noticed that I am using "The Fifth Floor" in my banners now. If I EVER get a real studio this is the name I will use. Here is the background on that name: I met Gerry in college in Asheboro and he lived in a crazy house downtown where all the parties were. They even rented out the spaces in between the rafters in the walk in attic to anyone that wanted to drag a mattress in there. Anyway, it was called The Fifth Floor and I always loved that name, the house was such a cool place and we had some good times there. So I'm trying on the name to see how it fits, so far I like it. I have noticed that some of you still have the header A Potter's Life for Me on your blog roll, maybe if you have some spare time (ha) you could just change it to Tracey Broome? I haven't had that potter's life thing for a while, that was when I first started blogging, like three years ago?
It was good to hear from all of you on the Clay Times article and especially nice to get a note from Emily Murphy, who I know we would all like to see get back to blogging. Come on Emily, I love your blog!!
Stay warm all of you that are getting this crazy snow dumped on you..........


cindy shake said...

Love the tiles!! "The 5th Floor" here in Anchorage was a crazy popular disco bar years ago -made me chuckle a bit when I saw that name! Wild times.

Patricia Griffin said...

The tiles are great. I love these tiles and the "shelters," and have really been inpsired by seeing how you've developed the pieces through these past months... Am now also intrigued to see what your dramatically new work is going to look like that you wrote about a couple of days ago. Never a dull moment, eh?