Friday, February 18, 2011


Here is a pile of wasted money, over $100 in cartridges that my computer says are empty and after busting them open, I have proven the piece of shite wrong! I went and bought a laser printer after getting some good advise from my friend Bob, thanks Bob! and then I came home and visited with my little sheep, that makes me smile, even with this ridiculous corporate rip off, thanks Cindy!
This all got started because Wesley applied to the NC School of the Arts film school and she has been asked in for an interview this Saturday. They emailed a parking pass and I tried in vain to print it out last night and then this morning. So I had to buy a new printer just so we could have a parking pass at the school, does this make sense to anyone?!? Thanks to the lovely ladies that bought pendants from me this week, you helped me get a new printer, Thanks especially to Gay Judson, who wore hers this week on her 34th anniversary, that really made me smile! There are more pendants in my Etsy shop if anyone wants to help me buy new paper :)
So here is the sponge that fits in one side of this stupid thing, one side as you can see is completely empty, so I figure there must be about a tablespoon of ink in there.

Well, there is a full moon tonight, I have no beer in the house and Wesley just got a 1930's German movie to watch on netflicks...... could life be any sweeter :) hahhahahahaha! One bit of good news I did get today: I was accepted in the Hillsborough Arts and Craft show, that should be fun, wonderful historic town and really cool people living there. It rains, it pours......
peace ya'll


Judy Shreve said...

It rains, it pours -- and the sun shines :)) YAY for being accepted into the show. I'm sure Wesley will ace her interview & what a great school!
I loved your rant -- but I love my HP -- my Canon used even more ink. RANT-ON

Tracey Broome said...

Thanks Judy, Wes is so prepared for this interview, not a bit nervous. You can have your HP, never again for me, I read too many horror stories online today trying to find a code to override the nonsense. Yep, I had one of those Canons too, and an Epson, me and printers, not good :)

Brian said...

It's not just HP, they -all- do it. And it's not just the inkjets either. They put the same chip in the toner cartridges that tell you they're empty.
They tend to subsidize the cost of 'cheap' printers with the cost on cu\ consumables. A lot of times a more expensive printer will have less expensive ink/toner per page.
Anyone buying a printer should walk 10 feet over to the ink/toner and see what it will be costing them to feed it.

ang said...

oooh did you get 'M' thats kinda kreepy....glad you got it sorted trace

Anonymous said...

i don't have an HP but regardless, the printer ink thing is such a ripoff... it's unbelievable. i've used generic refills and they don't work with photos so they got you coming and going. hope it goes well with wes's interview.