Friday, March 18, 2011

Thinking of others

I have been so caught up with all this crazy construction, I haven't had time to express my sadness for the people of Japan. My wish is that everyone there will soon feel the peace that this photo of a potter in Onta seems to depict. I found this on the internet and loved the calmness of it. I'm hoping to have this same feeling next week in my own studio!
We are also hoping for the best news of the NY Times journalists that are missing. Gerry and some of the NC photographers know Tyler Hicks, and we are praying for those journalists and their families.
What is going on in this world? I have been pretty much out if it for a couple of weeks, but of course living with two news junkies I catch bits and pieces of their conversations, just enough to know that I want to go into my studio, shut the door behind me and close off all of the news just for a little while. Otherwise I am overcome with the feeling of helplessness, how does one person do anything about all that is crazy out there?
Peace everyone.....


Linda Starr said...

Yes, I agree I too have close the door to the news for a while for respite from the horror of what has and is happening.

Liz said...

Several years ago, we cut out TV. I did this after 911. The intense coverage and sensationalism felt like I was constantly under attack, it seemed as though the entire continent or maybe the world) was in a state of hateful frenzy. I choose now to watch what I can handle, keep aprised of what is happening, and react as necessary. My heart goes out to the people of Japan, my friends there are all present and save, but the threat of Nuclear fallout terrifies me. I pray for the missing, the injured and the displaced, but that is all I can do.

DirtKicker Pottery said...

I keep up on the news daily. I feel it's important to know what's happening. With the crazy things that are happening out there in our world, we have no guaranty that it won't be at our front door tomorrow. I very much enjoy the peace and comfort that the walls of my pottery studio bring me. I am thankful every time I walk through those doors. My continued prayers for Japan.