Saturday, October 15, 2011

Perfect fall day at Yart

Today was one of those glorious southern fall days. Beautiful blue skies, golden leaves and warm temperatures, not too warm , just right. I didn't take my tent today, we had heavy wind and it was much too pretty to be under a tent. Thanks to everyone that came out to Yart today and supported us hard working artists! Thanks to Andria and her family for decorating everything in such a festive way and opening up your home for us. It is a great way to have an art sale.
This is my second year doing Yart, and while my sales were way off from last year, the day was fun. I met some really interesting people, learned a few things, and found myself listening to some people's problems and listening to others who completely inspired me. One such inspiring person was Candace Thomas, textile artist.
Candice makes beautiful art quilts and other textile art, I bought a book from her, I'll get a picture of it when I dig it out of my car. We had a wonderful conversation today about narratives I have in mind for my houses and she gave me much to think about.
Andria Linn opens up her home for this sale every year and invites a wide range of artists, so there is something for everyone. Today we had fiber artists, painters, photographers, glass artists, felt artists, and a potter. The potter sold a lot more $2 items. I'm thinking of opening a new company, Dollar Store Art, everything under $5. Jeez..... At least I sold a bunch of stuff that has cluttered up my studio. All nice stuff, but most of it was all those little things you make when you are procrastinating getting to the big stuff you need to make. You know those days, right? Anyway, everyone loved their purchases and everyone was so nice, what can you do? The economy sucks!
I loved the way this artist displayed these children's hats. They were all in little flower pots. Too cute!
Andria set up a craft station for those that wanted to leave their kids with something to do while they shopped. Brilliant! We also had a potluck brunch/lunch and there was lots of homemade breads, quiche, chili, cookies and even truffles!
The attendance was definitely down this year, but Andria just had a baby, so our fearless leader wasn't there to encourage us to promote the show like she did last year and I just wasn't feeling that well, so I did very little myself. Just goes to show you, it pays to get the word out, it definitely helps! All in all a good day, got a little cash in my pocket and I packed up an empty crate. Lots to think about. I had a big blog post going on in my head driving home, but the hot shower I had washed it all away. I'll try to get those thoughts back when I'm less tired. One such thought is this: please don't fold my beautiful postcards right in front of me. I had postcards printed with one of my alters on the front and I can't tell you how many people stood there and folded the dang thing in half while talking to me, grrrrr!!!
Happy weekend!


Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Tracey, I love that lamb bucket.
Its SO Farmy!!
How great it is to meet other craftspeople at art shows, and talk about the biz.

Tracey Broome said...

Hi Julie, so glad you like the bucket, I really like it too. I haven't put any out for sale yet, I've been tweaking them a bit, but I think they are ready now!

Anna said...

Sorry your attendance wasn't a little better....but at least the weather was wonderful!

I think of those $2 sales as a calling card. The buyer has a piece of your art and it will help them remember the bigger wonderful things you make as well. I remember those days well when that was all I could afford at craft shows.

Still find YART an intriguing idea that I may have to pursue!!

Linda Starr said...
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Tracey Broome said...

Anna, you are right about the calling card thing. In fact, I just looked at this show as a way to promote the studio tour and the CDC show that I am doing. I gave out postcards about those shows, and hopefully people will come out closer to the holidays for gift shopping! Linda, I know, I'm just happy for any sales these days, no matter how small :) This yart sale is a good place to clean up inventory and visit with other artists, it's a lot of fun!

Michèle Hastings said...

at least you had fun... i used to do a very easy to set up show in NH. sometimes i made money, other time zip...but i always had fun catching up with other potters from around the state.
i adore those children's hats... it's those sorts of things that make me miss my little girl... and i don't think grandchildren are in my future.