Saturday, March 17, 2012


Lately I have been sitting up until 3am playing Skyrim. I know, pathetic, right?! But, I love the environments in this game. The architecture, the scenery, the characters. It is just amazing artwork. I think that is why I like it so much. And I have a thing for dragons. It's a really beautiful game, but hard to put down. Gerry is covering the NCAA regionals so I have a lot of time alone right now. I also ate an entire rotisserie chicken and a whole container of mac and cheese from the deli section of the grocery store. And, don't tell anybody this, but I drank three red stripe beers while eating a box of milk duds. And I wrote a couple of blog posts that probably should have had an edit. It is 2pm on Saturday and I have on my red Christmas pajamas that have the face of the kid from A Christmas Story with the words, "you'll shoot your eye out!" They are comfortable, ok? And I am looking longingly at the xbox controller because I just discovered on youtube how to buy a house in Windhelm. Also, don't tell anybody this either, but I am watching a really bad Hallmark movie with Nicole Sheridan. I'm only watching it because she is in Ireland, and there are castles, it's for St. Patrick's Day :)

Do you have days like this? Is it just me? Do I need parental supervision? Do I need an intervention?
Oh well, I am going to fire my kiln Sunday, so why can't I lay around like a brain mush video game junkie on a Saturday?
My work seems to come in fits and spurts. I have to have these down times, and then I work and work and don't stop. This is probably why I have never been able to keep a real job. I have such peaks and valleys. I have a busy week planned next week, so I'm not feeling too guilty about this weekend, but I really should do something more intelligent with my time..... oh well, maybe later. Today I am Sloth...
Now, getting back to Skyrim, haha!. The structures in this game are amazing and like I said, there are dragons! I feel like in a very tiny way, right now, the architecture is creeping into my head when I am in the studio. I love the spires, the gothic windows, the stonework, the medieval feel of it all. I could easily be one of those people that travels around with the Renaissance festivals and I would be a fairy or something.  I was thinking that it might be fun to somehow include a dragon in a house. What if there was a head coming out one end and the tail coming out of the other? I made a bowl like this one time and loved it. Hollis has been blogging about his intern and the dragon she is making. I am so excited to see it completed, think about how that dragon is going to look with Hollis' shinos. Oh man!
I'll probably never make this dragon house, but it would be fun. Whenever I start to go off on a tangent like this, I have to remember to stay focused and stay concise, otherwise I would be all over the place and never have a solid body of work.
So, I'll just imagine dragons for now, I have a whole bunch of houses that need to get made next week.
Happy weekend to all of you!


Anonymous said...

hi tracey,
three red stripes with milk dud chasers... i might have to try that out. dragon houses... sofia would love that

Tracey Broome said...

Jim, it's a pretty good combo!
Sophia and I should collaborate, she could probably keep me out of trouble :)

M E Garde said...

Tracy there may be a lot of labels that people might stick on you, but slacker is not one of them. Have another milk dud for me. ;-)

M E Garde said...
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Tracey Broome said...

HAHA! Hey Maureen, only a slacker every other weekend!

Dennis Allen said...

Keep this up and they will find your body surrounded by Milk Dud boxes chicken bones and empty beer bottles. Get a grip woman!

Lori Leaumont said...

I think you're my new pottery hero! I can't remember the last time I've allowed myself a slacker day like that. I'm pretty jealous. But from what I see on your blog the rest of the time, you deserve it!

Tracey Broome said...

Dennis, I'll have an xbox controller in my hand too!
Lori, we all deserve slacker days, especially moms that have sent their babies off into the world!

smartcat said...

Ummm....I just wrote on my blog about our new puppy and Game of Thrones.....I have spent the last week immersed in the cultures, characters, etc. I have a feeling that there are many dragons, ice and swords in my future.
I don't think you make it as a slacker......besides you can think of it as the equivalent of a writer lying on the couch.....plotting, writing while appearing to be doing nothing!
I go for yogurt covered pretzels the extent that I am looking for recipes.

Tracey Broome said...

Suzi, too funny, we were in parallel universes! Yes, those pretzels! and the chocolate ones too!!!