Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Collector's Gallery

I dropped some work off at The Collector's Gallery in Raleigh today. The gallery is downtown on Fayetteville Street in a really cool part of Raleigh. Great location, beautiful gallery and the nicest people ever! I met them at the CDCG show back in November and it has taken me until now to get work together for them. But they patiently waited and I hope to continue to bring pieces to them as I have them available. Thanks so much for asking me to be in your gallery. I am very excited!

Some of you in NC may know my blogger friend Susan Meyers.  She is a huge supporter of NC potters and we have become friends by way of Meredith Heywood's blog. Of course! Friends through the blog, where else do I meet people :) Anyway, she left a package for me at the gallery today filled with treasure. More glass door knobs from another Susan! What are the odds. Now I can name two more pieces "Susan" haha!! And another coincidence, the card she included was from Alaska and the picture frames she gave me work perfectly with the old photos Cindy Shake sent me from.... Alaska!!  There were also two very charming candle holders. I can't wait to make use of all of these wonderful things. Susan, thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!! xo
You know.... if you guys are cleaning out your attics or drawers or closets or whatever, remember my little barns......  I'll name one after you  :)
I worked on a piece today that I am really, really excited about, but you will have to wait, I'm not ready to talk about it yet. I have to see if it will look as good as I think it will after chewing on it for a day or two, it's going more in the direction I see these things for the future....
I also worked on a piece for a fellow blogger that was interested in Meredith's cello player. I'll finish that up hopefully tomorrow and get some pics up by the weekend. Lots going on, lots of inspiration!!!
Lots of great bloggers out there!
peace ya'll


Peter said...

Lovely to see progress, and to hear the happy vibe transmitted from your pages! Goodness, Raleigh looks huge in your photo.. Just a cluster of single story buildings down near the sea where we are (and tumble weed bowling up the main street on a Friday night after about 6 or 7pm!). Lovely how the blog can bring new friends, we had a visit a couple of days back from people who had been reading my blog, and it was fun meeting up with someone who had been quietly reading the blog.

Amy said...

Good to know about this gallery in Raleigh... now I know where to visit! Glad you're so inspired and have lots of ideas.... hoping for new ideas to come here these days.

Susan Wells said...

Gnawing on your sculptures again Tracey? Haven't we talked about this?

Lori Buff said...

You are in some very good company in that gallery, well done.

Patricia Griffin said...

More good news! So happy for you. It's been inspiring to follow your progress! Looking forward to seeing the piece when you're ready to reveal... You've got lots of positive "flow" going Tracey!

Tracey Broome said...

Hey ya'll, thanks!
Susan :) xo