Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Galleries New Work

 I sent some work off today to The Bascom in Highlands, NC and I have some work finished to deliver to the Collector's Gallery in Raleigh NC. It seem like it has taken me forever to get work finished for these two galleries.  I have been promising them work since January! I'm digging the ladder
 Here is another take on the vase/barn for the vase show in July. I have some glass test tubes that I knew I might need one day and they work perfectly to make this barn a little bud vase.
                               New window detail

And the finials that Cindy Shake sent me have rusted nicely and look perfect on the small barns. This one is going to Raleigh on Thursday if you want it! Sorry for the out of focus photos, my camera is being fussy.
Thanks everyone for all the comments on the last post. You were very helpful! I found out (thanks to Ang) that I can export my files from iphoto to my desktop and change the file size (who knew!?) instead of the tedious process I have been doing, or not doing, that included waiting for photoshop to take its time opening, then opening the file, then resizing, blah blah. This is so much easier, duh! So, if I keep my file size small, I should be ok, since picassa is giving that space for free.
Gerry is building a website and he bought the software, so when he finishes, I might dive in and see what I can come up with. It looks like pretty user friendly software. But for now, I think I'm ok, just gotta delete all of those black boxes!


Dennis Allen said...

Still like the rusted finials but I want to climb the ladder and peek into the loft.

cookingwithgas said...

me too! i was thinking what is it about ladders that makes me what to climb up? My mind see's a wee space with a hay filled bed,one table and one oil lamp....these are sweet!

Susan Wells said...

I could feel like a giant sticking my nose to smell the sweet and subtle clover on top of a house!

Tracey Broome said...

You guys have quite the imagination!
Meredith, I like the room you see :)

Lori Buff said...

These do inspire the imagination. I love the window and the texture you're getting all around it. They invite exploring.

angela walford said...

oh yeh so glad you have a solution!! :)) ooh new website stuff cant wait!!