Saturday, March 9, 2013


 Tangerine white tea on a quiet weekend morning with my daughter who will only be here for three more days before going back to school. I need a haircut, ugh.....I need a hair brush! I need to get out of my pajamas more.
 She doesn't need anything, she's perfect, just the way she is..... sigh... what a beautiful child I have.
So blessed.
 We sat at my old English pine farm table on this morning, having tea, listening to my neighbors TWO roosters crowing outside MY window, while Wesley marveled at the Fibonacci sequence in nature and how my new woven mats were correct mathematically. I just marveled that they look better than I expected and I am happy to be weaving instead of glazing pottery. And marveling at her brain! Wo gets up at 7am with Fibonacci thoughts? I'm lucky to have a lucid moment before noon.
 New rusty bits of cloth out of the pot. This weekend I weave them. Lavender, olive green and rusty brown strips of linen woven with cotton thread also dyed an olive green.
Some of the strips were wound around this iron rich rock from our walk in the Uwharries and some were wrapped around this rusted iron finial from Alaska. I love having these strips of cloth, dyed from objects that have meaning, to be woven into a beautiful object. So grateful to have the days to do this.
My friend and customer Susan Meyers emailed me this listing in her Etsy shop. She bought one of my raku pendants and has made a wonderful necklace with it. It's for sale in her Etsy shop here. Check out more of her great pieces, remember the earrings I got from her? Sorry for the tiny photo, I borrowed it from her page and it is a pixel party. Better view over at Etsy.

I'm weaving some this weekend I hope, but today I have to go and deal with the Tracey glazing bomb that went off in my studio. Since the dreadful kiln episode, I have not been out there. I left glaze buckets, brushes, sieves, spilled glaze, everything, just sitting there. It was too damn cold to deal with it and I was so bummed, I just walked away from it. Time to set it right and get back on the horse.
Happy weekend all. We are looking forward to a few warm days, gonna get out there in it!


Shannon said...

what?! I'm the first to comment? Unreal. Usually, there are so many and I'm so late, it's all been said. It's nice to see Wes again. I think it was this time last year at the beach. Good luck stepping back into the breach. sigh.

Michèle Hastings said...

I wouldn't be able to tackle that sort of math at anytime of the day!
Dyeing cloth like that must be fun, sort of like the surprise of firing a kiln (maybe less painful).

Dennis Allen said...

Nice thing about a glazing mess, it will wait for you no matter how long you take to return.

oldgreymare said...

Gosh as we compare other things we have in common, I noticed that your daughter's wrists and hands are so similar to my Hannah's. They also share a similar face shape and hair color. Tugged my heart a bit. 3 more months till I see her in NYC.

I can commiserate with the leaving of the mess. I have two gorgeous velvet and burlap stockings I began in early December in a wadded up ball by the chair in the studio. I sewed not one, but two incorrectly and to repair I would have to rip out burlap? I don't think so.

handstories said...

what beautiful weavings you are creating, don't know which i love more the denim or the pinks-fabulous together.
fibonacci is one of my favorite math concepts, i've enjoyed it w/2nd and 3rd grade for a few years.

Amy said...

hang in there with the pottery--- why couldn't some of those bowls hold plants? :) just turned one of my bowls that has a s crack in it into a plant holder. my goal: buy one of your raku pendants this spring! :)

cindy shake said...

Swear we are the North and South sisters!! I just created a board on Pinterest on the Golden Ratio!! I've been fascinated by it forever... Also LOVE that your are fibering :) xo

Tracey Broome said...

H all, been away from the computer, thanks for all the comments!!

angela walford said...

Glaze bomb... trace, you mucker!! leave it long enough maybe some lovely green stuff will grow :P

Susan Wells said...

Well Tracey! Here's to a good start of a new week! So sorry to see your pots come out poorly. Pottery just doesn't seem to quit in the learning department. Is it so with weaving?