Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Working vacation

 I was at Shakori to work, but I was also there to have fun with my family, friends and enjoy all the good music. Best of both worlds definitely. Money I made went for a deposit on a house Wesley found to rent next year. She earned it booth sitting for me while I took a few breaks :) not a bad way to fund college expenses.

Wes also worked with her dad shooting a short feature on Grassroots music. Gerry was on vacation but also working, shooting video with audio assistance from our future film maker. He has much editing to do, but as soon as it's finished I'll post it. I've seen some of the footage, sooooo great!

 We were all working, but it was important to have a few brews with friends, 12 hour days require this.

 festival child, this is how she grew up, I think we are pretty good parents, giving her this life!

    a toast with friends, life is sweet.......
Yesterday I unpacked most of my stuff and washed everything that smelled that wood smoke. I never got out of my pajamas, and took naps and went to bed early. Feeling much recovered today.

The power company came back yesterday. Seems they put the wrong meter on the house! The installation dude thought something was wrong with the one we had and put an even STRONGER signal meter on!!!! I was so disappointed the first night the new meter was on the house. I thought I was going to finally sleep soundly and instead I woke up at my usual 3am with a raging headache and thought maybe the meter wasn't the problem after all.
Happy to report there were no headaches last night with the right meter on! We did find out that we have had the smart meter for four years! Just about the time all of our strange symptoms started, imagine that. Wesley started getting chronic fatigue and joint pain, ear ringing, and that's about the time the skin cancer on my back started to develop, Gerry's intestinal trouble started..... so many things doctors could never explain, it makes you wonder doesn't it? We asked the power co. rep his opinion and he said to us "I just don't know". Well if HE doesn't know, I sure don't want the thing!
I have to say, through all of this, every contact I have had with Progress Energy has been nothing but professional and understanding. They worked quickly to get us a new meter, they have been most helpful, every single person I have talked to, with the exception of the first girl that told me I "had no choice" and set me off to begin with. I don't have all the answers, the science is not there to prove or disprove any of this, but I just want to be able to make a CHOICE whether I want rf waves pulsing through my house or not. And now I don't have them, thank God!


Lori Buff said...

That looks like a really relaxing working vacation.
I'm so glad the new meter is working and that you are sleeping more soundly. It must feel like you won.

cookingwithgas said...

interesting, I don't think I know more than to say that what you went through was very interesting and gives me thought.
Hurray for a good time with family and friends.

oldgreymare said...

Happy that peace reigns once more in your home..At the very least we all deserve a safe haven, a refuge from worry. <3

Scott Garrett said...

Happy to hear that Tracey. looks like you had a grand time with the family. It's got me thinking about our ailments here, I'm like Wes and Jakki's like Gerry. Ever since we moved home 6 years ago... we don't have smart meters though! (way too advanced for our little nation ;)

Scott Garrett said...

... we did also have 2 kids within the first 16 months though... that could do it!

Vicki said...

What a wonderful, healing time you had at Shakori - and well deserved :)

So glad you have your meter issue resolved too!

Susan Wells said...

Yes. warm recuperation. tasty beer. friends.