Sunday, July 14, 2013

Blog break this week

I have now sold all of these. I kept three small place mats, one pink runner and one other neutral runner for myself. Might be time to start thinking about weaving again. Ugh, the agony of doing math and dressing the loom!

I'm taking Wesley for a grandmother visit before she goes back to school. Three days at the beach.... maybe there will be sun...... we got a little blue sky today, it was shocking and bright to my eyes and they had a hard time adjusting to something that was not gray. We had a long walk and soaked up the vitamin D, it was so great. The hills in our neighborhood are really steep and hateful, and quite a workout, but they are getting much easier. I lifted weights today and did some light yoga stretches. I ate mostly fruits and veggies, my favorite new snack is a granny smith green apple with peanut butter, so summery and so filling! Drank lots of water, and I had one beer before dinner. I earned that sucker!

Thanks for all of your comments and interest in my new plan for eating and exercise. I'll talk about some things that are and are not working if you're interested. It's mostly about portion control and moving some, but I think the MOST important thing is writing down what you eat. When you see on paper what and how much or how little you eat and drink water, it's very informative. And you are accountable to something so you are more likely to eat the right thing and make better choices.
We'll see how I feel about this in 10 weeks, but right now, I love this plan!


cookingwithgas said...

oh- the beach with sun would be great for feeding your soul.
Let there be sun!

Lori Buff said...

Sun? What's that?
Enjoy your trip to the beach, it sounds wonderful.

Susan Wells said...

I love earning beer too! Happy beachin' it!

Michèle Hastings said...

enjoy some beach days with your girl, life is too short not to spend every minute you can with her.