Saturday, March 22, 2014

Still March Madness

March basketball madness continues. This weekend Gerry is shooting the NCAA regionals in Raleigh NC. He got me credentials and I am working for AP pulling disks from cameras that are mounted in the catwalk over the basket on the court. Sometimes going along and working is the only way I see him this time of year, and it's good to see old friends and meet some of the new young photographers that have sad dreams of a world where photojournalism still matters, poor fools.

These cups are favorites this week. On the left, Mark Hewiit, on the right a $3 find at the thrift store this week.Look, blue pottery, just what everyone loves to hate! I think it's great.  I believe it's by a guy that sets up in Carrboro at the farmers market, can't remember his name but he is a landmark at the market, I always think I'll get one of his cups then I spend all my money on vegetables. Probably the same thing people do to me when I am selling at the market.... must do better, support artists and farmers!

 Press parking, right at the front door, perks of this job Gerry has. Very nice....

 Another fifteen hour day on the basketball court for Gerry. This is a tired man! Still a faint smile there though :)

This was where I spent a good part of my time, walking very far up to the catwalk in the arena. If you look into the center of the photo where the beams intersect, that is where I went to pull cards. It's very scary, safe but scary. A small bridge goes out there and the floor is mesh metal so you can see right down to the floor far far below. Not for the faint of heart, trust me! This is a really shitty iphone photo shot in the dark rafters, but you get the idea. I had some sore legs this morning. Get to do it all over again tomorrow. Gerry shoots his last two ball games of the year, thank the good lord! Google Gerry Broome NCAA images and you will see how great he is :)


littlemancat said...

Oh my but you are brave! I'd be going crazy just being up that high, much less going out on a mesh floor bridgy thing.
Love the mugs - and yeah, I like blue too.

Vicki said...

So good to see what happens "behind the scenes". And, is just an indication of the hard work, great talent and endurance required.

Love the mugs.
... "what everyone loves to hate" - I must have rubbishy, tacky taste then (according to some), because I really like the blue glazed one, and would buy it too :)

jffollies said...

Could it be Eddie Smith? Does goblets too? Loved catwalks when I was younger; don't think I could do one now. Have a good week , rest up and have fun.

Tracey Broome said...

Hi Mary, maybe crazy and not brave, haha!
Hi Vicki, definitely endurance is needed maybe more than talent for this job, whew, long long days.
I think Eddie Smith is correct, that name sounds familiar, little guy with long hair and a thin beard?

Dennis Allen said...

Rafter girl ! What a job. The view is better than a corner office.

Trish said...

Good grief!! Tracey, you are a brave girl. I cannot 'do' heights.
Nice mugs :).
Happy end to the madness!

cookingwithgas said...

I would need drugs to get up there where you are!
What makes a mug 26/00 and another 3.....??
Yes, lunch soon, those babies are coming to take me away in the next few weeks.

Lori Buff said...

That would be disturbing. I'm not afraid of heights, it's a fear of falling that stops me.

jffollies said...

Eddie was in grad school with my husband at East Caroline. Been ay market forever. Lives close by.