Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Mother Ship

The Mother Ship landed in Liberty NC this weekend, and yes I was there! The first time I attended The Liberty Antiques Festival, I was past my due date with Wesley and I had to sit down at the end of every row and recover from the pain in my lower abdomen. (how is that for desperation to shop for junk!)
That was 21 years ago. Last year, she came along with me for the first time. This year she is shooting a film, and I was shopping for props, so I went alone. And I blissfully walked every aisle until I thought I might be having a heat stroke. Acres of antiques....... heaven. Here are just a few shots for you to make you feel like you were right there with me.

The dumbest comment award went to the couple standing next to me when I shot this photo.

"Them ain't antiques, they're just potteries."  There seemed to be a lot of ugly face jugs this year. I don't remember this many last year. Last year was the year of the wooden bucket.

This was the lunch menu offered. I passed so that I wouldn't be up all night throwing up or doing the thing at the other end:)  flounder sandwich sounded tasty though, or maybe those pinto beans and cornbread.... this menu would have pissed my daughter off so bad. My poor little lifelong vegetarian.

 Pretty wooden bucket. I love some wooden buckets, bought one last year for a play. We have used it for every show since. Lots of floor scrubbing in the plays I do

 Yes, it's the south, you are gonna have the obligatory rebel flags. I like red, white and blue though, so I shot this. I actually sort of like the design of the confederate flag, damn all those that made it such a nasty symbol.
 I swear, you would not believe some of the conversations I overheard. It's amazing, when people are outside, they really use their outside voices and you can hear every racist comment that comes out of their cotton picking mouths. I heard conversations about KKK memorabilia that "was hid under that table yonder", conversations about what some of the men folk "like to sell to the blacks", a debate over whether they ought to send all them mexicans back where they came from and why do they even let convicts out of prison, and where was meemaw anyway, somebody go find her before her grandchild comes unglued!

I swany, ya'll, there are some dumbshit people in the south!

Oh yeah, there were too wooden buckets, I like them

This jar was probably the most beautiful thing I saw all day. I didn't look at the price, knew it would never be mine, and I would be tempted to pull out that credit card Wells Fargo sent me with a $17,000 limit, (even though I told them I was unemployed!) and use it, if it were even in a vague realm of possibility. Keep walking..... there was nothing in this booth I could afford. Swoon.

Chicken feeders are now decorative objects d'art when you hang them with dried herbs, who knew?
Everyone was buying one. The miracles of merchandising!

This was a beautifully merchandised booth. This woman also loved her treasures very much and had them priced so that no one would buy them and take them away from her.... just in case....

Look potters! Get your dang shards and put them in a jar!!!! Then you can sell them as a decorative accessory!! This jar of broken shards was $20 I think. Gonna get me some jars, I got plenty of shards!

Pretty, pretty pottery, the glazes were 100 times better in person. That Libby Carrots can was a puzzle though. One of these things is not like the other, haha!

So after I heard the comments mentioned above, and also because I am working on two plays right now about racism and slavery and I have two African American directors, I started noticing how very "white" this show was. There were maybe three African American vendors, and I kid you not I counted only two African American women shopping and I saw one Asian man with his little girl. I live in Chapel Hill where I don't even notice the ethnicity of people, because it is so mixed up with so many countries of origin. But here on this farm, listening to southern white people talkin' and eatin' their barbeque, I was astounded at what a bubble I really live in. I forget this is still the way much of the South is. I love my southern heritage, and I have some really redneck cousins. I can cuss and spit with the best of them, but I do not tolerate racism and the white good old boys (and their women) around here. I basically don't tolerate ignorance, which is all that it is when you get right down to it. Can't we all just get along and celebrate our differences?!?!

The last comment of the day just made me smile:

"You reckon would Deddy like it?"
"He might would".

God bless us all, vive la difference! God Bless Antiques too!
I'll tell ya'll about our day with Wesley later, it was fun :)


Vicki said...

Love it. What was old is new again.
I so envy the array of collectibles you photograph, Tracey.
There doesn't seem to be quite the variety and character over here.

Amazing what one can hear in a crowd isn't it?
He might would indeed :)

oldgreymareprimitives said...

Love the photos and chuckled at your words...GRRRRREAT post.

Some of them there red necks hitched their wagons over to our neck o the woods and spread it thick out west also. Amazing how ignorant some folks are, no matter where they're from. Lack of education and marrying their first cousins? Lol

Tracey Broome said...


Trish said...

Such an interesting collection of 'stuff' in your whole post, Tracey.. So many great antiques in your area...what fun! ..and the shard jar! I could fill soooo many!

Sandy miller said...

On my escape days I often head over to the Annie Tiques...... we sure don't get the commentary up here :) I spent 3 years living in Louisiana and it was more than enough! Thought my skin would crawl off my body some days......

I am going right out and make chard jar! and the glazes on those crocks!

jffollies said...

I live in Louisiana and Jazz Fest is going on. None of those kinds of comments there. Spent the weekend helping restore the Kenny Hill Sculpture Garden in Chauvin. Think you would enjoy the garden. Thankfully none of the comments there also. Had visitors from your state recently and was surprised at some of the comments made in my home. Guess I have been able to pick my friends for so long it surprises me when someone still holds such beliefs. I do tend to speak up in public and to any family members who say "stupid". So most who know me refrain from "stupid" when I'm around.

Tracey Broome said...

Trish and Sandy, yes, the shard jars! We should all do one!

Yep, the South.... I love it, but you really have to have a filter some days.
I agree about the word stupid, I used to strongly request that Wesley refrain from using the word and I never used it around her, but man some days, it's just one of those words that applies so well to how I am feeling towards some people. Not intending to offend, just riled up a bit :)

Dennis Allen said...

Wish I had been there, well, except for the racism and boloney burgers. Sometimes it's hard to keep your mouth shut in the midst of fools and idiots.

jffollies said...

Oh, sorry I didn't literally mean the word stupid. Just ignorant remarks in general.

Tracey Broome said...