Sunday, May 4, 2014

Live Splendidly

 Daughter: "I am soooo ready to come home, it's been a rough week."
Mom: "Do you want me to come visit on Saturday? Bring a picnic? Go over to Old Salem for the day?"
Daughter: "YES!"

So that's just what a good mom does. Pack up a beautiful lunch on a cool Saturday morning in May and go see her homesick daughter at college. Lucky for me she is just over an hour away!
Old Salem is one of my favorite places in North Carolina and Wesley lives just a few blocks away from it. We arrived just in time for the Saturday farmer's market. We got the most incredible croissant I think I have ever had from Atelier del Valle. Almonds, butter, a slight hint of apple and flaky melt in your mouth goodness.

I bought some soap from Lavender Annes- jade hops, eucalyptus and fir. I showered with it last night, smelled like I was rubbing a Christmas tree all over me! Really nice. I love homemade soaps, thinking about trying to make some myself one of these days. I looked at the label on a soap I was getting ready to buy the other day and put it right back. I shudder to think how many chemicals I have been putting on my body in the past years without even considering. Funny how aging makes you more aware of things that can kill you!

Wesley brought along her new best friend and played while we sat in the community garden and ate and talked. The sun was warm, the breeze was cool and life was pretty damn great at that moment!
I got a coffee on the way to Winston and on the cup it said, "live splendidly." I think that it really great advise, trying my best to do just that! I am very blessed.

Here are some pretty pictures from around Old Salem. If you haven't been, I strongly urge you to go. This is a perfect time of year for a visit, it's not too hot and everything is starting to bloom. The workers are in the gardens and its just such a calm and peaceful place to enjoy the day.
Today we load in Gem of the Ocean, promises to be a very long day/night. The set is complicated, lots of props..... good I had a restful Saturday!


littlemancat said...

What wonderful times you have with your daughter - you both are building up a store of sweet memories to return to in future days.

handstories said...

You have such good times with Wesley, I'm having a hard time watching the boys grow up, but your sharing about the next phase gives me something to look forward to.

Tracey Broome said...

Mary, I am so lucky she wants to spend time with me, we really like each other, I think that's the trick!
Cindi, every year ses like the best year, I really like this grown up stage, but I really work at respecting her new adulthood and try to not treat her like a child

Denise said...

How sweet, your daughter is lovely. I adore farmer's markets, picnics and homemade soap too! I started making my own soap last year, it's no harder than mixing glazes. I bought this book which explained everything really well :

cookingwithgas said...

What a perfect way to spend time together.
And the weather was so nice.
Tell Wesley I have some books for her to look at. If she does not want them no problem.
But one is banjo music.
Best to all,m

Lori Buff said...

You all do know how to live splendidly, this is a good reminder about how simple times spent enjoying each other's company can make you feel so good and so loved.

smartcat said...

What a lovely day.
I think learning to treat your children as adults is hardest with onlies. I know Proge and I could not be living together if he had not lived elsewhere and I had not visited in his own home.
Best advise I ever had on raising kids? SING TO YOUR BABIES!

Sandy miller said...

What a lovely weekend....... Love coming here to read about nurturing ways, that is what allows us to live splendidly :)
Nurture on with gusto!

oh and so nice to sun and green in your photos! It will arrive in Ohio one of these days, for now I will visit your blog!

Tracey Broome said...

Hi Denise: Thanks for the link, I really want to give it a try, sounds like fun!

Meredith, yes please on the books. Let me get this play out of the way and I'll come fetch them!

Lori, simple pleasures, that's the secret :)

Suzi, I am tone deaf, so when I used to sing to Wes, she covered my mouth and said "don't sing mommy" haha! She still kids me about my off key singing, but in a nice way

Sandy, definitely green and warm here, about dang time! Wish I could send it up your way, I want to see your garden blooming!

Trish said...

A perfect Spring day! :) T.

Michael Kline said...

We love Old Salem!

Vicki said...

Live Splendidly. I think you do, Tracey :)

Tracey Broome said...

Yep, yep, yep!