Monday, May 12, 2014

With These Hands

I hope everyone had a great weekend and if you were involved with mom activities, I hope they were very special! My mom activities certainly were, especially now that I have my child home and three new babies in the house. The cat is not pleased with any of this however. She was numero uno this winter and she is being a bit snobby right now.

We had a lovely Mothers Day around here. Wesley and I cooked a big lunch inspired by a new Indian cookbook I picked up. We made a vegetable stew with all sorts of flavors of India and a tumeric/cinnamon/cardamon rice, potato samosas and naan. I made some brownies for dessert and we feasted.

Cups, in case you wondered: left to right: Susan Wells, Joseph Sand (from Mark Hewitt days), and Ronan Peterson. All so great to drink from.

We took the chicks outside, laid in the yard with them, Wesley and Gerry played music, we read, we watched them dig up their very first worm and fight over it. I just kept saying  I bet no one was having a better Mothers Day than me!

So many handmade things in my house. The soup tureen here was made by my mom when I was a little girl. When we first moved to Myrtle Beach she took a slip casting ceramics class so she could meet people. The class was in the basement of Chapin Library. Funny how I did the same thing when I first moved here. It's a great community to seek out friends, don't you think? Some of those people I met are still my friends today.

The vase came from a gallery that used to be in Sanford. Gerry stopped by there on the way home from the U.S. Open last time it was in Pinehurst and bought it for me to thank me for helping him at the tournament. The handmade wooden bowl, a Christmas gift from Wes and Gerry, cups and tray handmade. I love using these items and they are a part of our day, every day. I just think somehow it makes everything a little more special when you know someone used their hands to create something.

The wine was a gift from a neighbor. Gerry was out walking the other day and found an iphone with a smashed screen but still working. It was password protected so we waited to see if anyone would call to locate it. Three days later a neighbor at the end of our street called. He came to pick it up and said, oh hey, my wife buys your art. That was fun! He wanted to pay me and of course I refused, but the next day I found this bottle of wine on the front porch. How nice, karma is good.

Speaking of karma, I got a sweet email from both Tashi and Jamphel for Mothers Day. Jamphel's note said:  " I give you special gift, That's compassion and prayer for you, long life and happiness. 
Be happy and enjoy the mother day's party,
I miss all you and see you again,

Some of you have asked about the monks. They are in Louisville Ky. this week and leave to go back to India on the 14th. We get emails every week, sometimes every day and they have sent of photos of their travels. Every email wishes for us to come to India to see them. We hope to do just that one of these days.......

ps: I tried leaving comments on several of your blogs last night with my ipad, but they vanished. I don't know why, but I enjoyed everyone's postings last week and have caught up with all the blogs I read, just can't always leave a comment unless I am on my laptop.... grrr. 


Dennis Allen said...

I was expecting video of your new babies.You know, chick flicks!

smartcat said...

Yeah Dennis!
Using other potter's work is part of what makes pottery so special. I get great joy out of using mugs and bowls and thinking about the people who made them.
Your day sounds perfect!

Lori Buff said...

You sound like you had the best Mother's Day ever. I'm glad it was a good day for you.

I am having issues with my AT&T dsl, it won't keep a connection for very long, I understand.

cookingwithgas said...

that Dennis... he is so quick!
Happy Mother's day to the head Chicken on your ranch.

Vicki said...

Wonderful images... and great karma :)

littlemancat said...

Sounds like a great Mother's Day for you and all your chicks! Beautiful pots,mugs,and table.
Happy the monks sent you a Mother's Day greeting - oh to go to India!