Sunday, March 29, 2015

New Stuff

Y'all know what happens when I get a check in the mail from my mom with a note that says buy yourself a cute outfit for Easter, or get yourself a pretty dress, etc, you know...... poor woman, she means well..... but.....

I got myself some new boots! I have a small obsession with American flag motifs.

 and I got a new Carhartt hat. Also a small obsession.... Carhartt, what a great brand.

I think we are starting to look alike, me and Sybil. Those dark circles are from insomnia and new contact lenses. Ugh..... my eyes are feeling rough right now, trying to get used to these new lenses, pollen is starting to fall, and the f@*% ing rooster next door crows every morning at 5am. I finally get to sleep around 2 or 3am so I'm getting about three hours a night. Not fun

Got a new fermenting book at work. We get books at cost plus 10%, this could get dangerous....

Gerry has been firing up the new grill and having something on it when I get home on nights I work until closing. It is such a cool little grill, and after dinner we roast marshmallows on it. So fun! This was the most perfect marshmallow I have ever done. Crispy on the outside and gooey in the middle. YUM!

Also got a new mug from Michele Hastings. Helping her out with her crowd funding for their move, thanks to Suzi at Smartcat blog for the reminder. If you haven't ordered one, the price is great and worth every penny. This is a beautiful mug, and I really needed another one because I only have 40 or fifty of them in the cupboards :)

Head on over to Meesh's Pottery and get you one!

We got in a bunch of organic potato sets at the store a couple of weeks ago. They are heirloom varieties, very unusual, and they flew out the door about as fast as we got them in. I got one box of french fingerlings and when we cut them open to plant them they had a surprising red heart shape in the center. So pretty. Can't wait for these to come up! We have never planted potatoes because our ground is mostly rock and hard clay, but we put these in buckets and will just keep hilling them up.

I'm just working working working. Don't see much of my friends these days, missing all the coffees and lunches with them, but I do like the paycheck, and I really like the folks I work with. I am  having a blast! A couple of my pottery pals came in this past week, so I guess if you want to see me, thats one way, ha!

peace y'all


just jody said...

Awesome kicks! You and Sybil are looking way too serious. I feel for you with the roosters….I have two next door that try to out do each other from early morning until dark thirty. I'm completely jealous of your potatoes. Hope you catch up on your sleep soon….and have a marshmallow for me.

oldgreymareprimitives said...

I love that you are so happy <3

Tracey Broome said...

Thanks y'all!
Jody, we shall see how these potatoes grow, never tried them before. We had two roosters last year and they fought so much the owner shot them, then he went and got another one. I just don't know.......

Suzan,yes happy is good. I have done sad,don't care much for it!