Thursday, June 4, 2015

Mother Daughter Tea

How many of you remember the mother daughter teas from girl scouts? I was a girl scout from 1st grade brownie scout all the way through high school cadette scout. Every year we had a mother daughter tea and and father daughter banquet. I'll spare you the details of how miserable those experiences were for me......

Today Wesley and I had a much different mother daughter tea experience. I feel like I have barely seen her since she graduated. She flew to L.A., she spent a week working on her monk documentary here, she has been going to visit friends and I have been working and going out of town with Gerry.
We finally had a moment with nothing pressing to do. She needed to write thank you notes for all those graduation gifts and I just wanted a day with her to sit and enjoy her company.

We packed up a bunch of stuff and went to the Honeysuckle Teahouse for the morning... to write, read, weave and just..... be. It was nice.  It was a misty rainy morning and a bit too chilly really, but the air felt good and it cleared out the cobwebs. I have to work for the next few days, so this was a good calm before the storm day.

The teahouse grows all of their own medicinal herbs and flowers for teas and tinctures and aromatherapy. What a dream, I would love to have a place like this to grow herbs and make tea!

I have to say, I was hoping for a bit more of a zen experience, but it is a safe and kid friendly place and all the moms that need some mental health moments were there with their other mom friends, so there was much chatter overheard about nursery school and kids being left behind and what to do about food allergies, home schooling, etc. All the stuff I left behind years ago, thank goodness! There were kids shrieking and loud moms..... it is what it is. I know I would have looked for shelter at a place like this when I was a new mom. So be it. Just need to come in the afternoon during nap time:)

It was still wonderful in spite of the "mommies".  I brought my tiny loom that Wes gave me and used up the last precious bit of yarn I got from Cindy at Handstories making a little rug for my teapot. In the bright light, all of the colors she spun into the yarn were so clear and beautiful. It is such a joy to weave with a yarn that is handspun with so much love and care.

It was a good morning. I treasure these days I get to have with Wes. They won't last forever...... one day she too might be one of those "mommies".  I'll have to babysit for her so she can go have some tea, haha!


Laurie said...

I visited Honeysuckle Teahouse for the first time a few weeks ago. I took a class in the yurt there, and came home with a few things from the teahouse, including some plants and an aromatherapy spray. A lovely spot!

Laurie said...

I also meant to say that's some gorgeous yarn!

Tracey Broome said...

Hey Laurie, it is great isn't it? I'll have to look into future classes..... and the yarn is even better than the photo shows :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracey, it makes me so happy to see your pretty weaving & think of it cozying up to your tea, one of my favorite things in life. And congrats to you and your sweetie for thirty years!

smartcat said...

That's a neat little take-along!
Treasure this time you have with Wesley; it all goes by so quickly.
Belated best wishes for your anniversary! Here's to many more!