Friday, July 10, 2015

Hot Damn!

The rebel flag is coming down in South Carolina. Now we can breathe easy. There won't be any more senseless shootings, no more hatred, no more racism, no need for gun control, no need to give our kids psychotropic drugs, and we will now all live in peace with love in our hearts. All because the rebel flag won't fly in the South any longer. Whoop! 

just an observation.... shouldn't we ask why this young man killed with such confusion and hatred instead of protesting about a piece of red white and blue fabric....... this country is so fucked up.


Pam Wiseman said...

couldn't have said it any better!

Scott Garrett said...

Our country's catching you up fast!
.... but that definitely is fucked up.

Lori Buff said...

That question should be asked also but the confederate flag is seen as a symbol of hate and racism. African - American people have scored a victory by the removal of this symbol of hate towards them. No, it may not change all the hate that some people have in their hearts but it’s a step towards less hurt. Having flown the flag, having reinstated it during the civil rights movement was fucked up. Taking it down is not.

Vicki said...

Well said.