Monday, February 1, 2016

Strike Three

Loan origination fee $500
Due Diligence           $400
Contractor                 $200
Inspection                 $420
We put a halt on the septic inspection and pumping, the pest inspection and water testing...

Money spent so far just to get to the place where we have discovered there are more issues with this house than we care to take on, so we are withdrawing our offer. Here we go again.....

The first two houses we made an offer on and lost were out of our hands. This is our decision and one we have spent three days deciding on. Our poor realtor. I know we are making her nuts. But it is what it is. We just don't have the money to throw at this house to make it what we want it to be. So we are passing, moving on.

This has got to be one of the worst house searches I have ever been through. Gone are the days when you could roll your costs in at closing. We have been four hundred dollared to death. Competing in the Chapel Hill market is a nightmare. There are too many people moving here. We are really struggling to find something decent and affordable.  If we find something, we have to get in line to make an offer, or we have to write a letter offering our first born child as earnest monies.

Thank God Gerry and I are on the same page and not arguing over all the details, that would make it all the worse. It seems when we are in house search/purchase mode, we really come together and agree. We like the same style houses and both agree on price negotiation, so things go much smoother. I can't imagine going through this and having constant disagreement. It is such a stressful process.

So here we go, onward and upward. I have reached an age where I just sigh and accept loss, change, disappointment, pick myself up and face another day. Going through Wesley's move to California has  really changed my perception of loss and pain. I got through that, I can get through anything.

Good news is, my arm has reached a very tolerable level of pain, I can tell my physical therapy is working. I don't cry anymore when I think about Wesley, I have been promoted in my job and got a raise, and giving up this house is not the end of the world. It was a fine house, not my first choice, not my favorite place, it would have been good enough, but I'm not heartbroken over giving it up. Just tired of the search, want to unpack boxes and get on with my life.

Looking forward to Spring......


Dennis Allen said...


Tracey Broome said...


Michèle Hastings said...

I was really hoping this one would work out for you.
$500 for the loan origination fee doesn't sound too bad... I think I paid more :-(
The other thing they make you pay up front now is the appraisal. Which means, if the house doesn't appraise and the seller won't negotiate the price, it's another fee the buyer has paid out. Things have changed so much since I was selling real estate!

Fingers crossed that things will all come together for you!

cookingwithgas said...

We need another lunch! Soon.

Tracey Broome said...

Hey Michele, thanks. Yeah, real estate has changed so much, Gerry and I have been shocked by it all!
I forgot about the appraisal.. don't even know how much we paid for that, our loan company did it... ugh.
Meredith, YES! Come up and see us, or I can come down there :) you can come see our new house if we ever find one haha

gz said...

Hope the right place finds you soon.
Having just moved,even if only renting, the process hurts.

Tracey Broome said...

GZ, it is miserable!! Moving is just the worst thing ever :(
Since I met Gerry we have moved 10 times. 4 times in five years.... preachers kid haha

Lori Buff said...

I’m sorry this didn’t work out for you. I hope that you find the right house soon and you can enjoy unpacking. For now, think about what you can purge so you don’t end up moving it.

Tracey Broome said...

Thanks Lori, I think the purging is complete, not much left, haha!

Vicki said...

Just returned to Blogland...
Damn! I'm so sorry, Tracey.
So frustrating and disappointing for you both.
I truly hope something wonderful is waiting just around the corner and becomes available for you soon.

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