Thursday, March 31, 2016

Still on the road.....

I've been on the road nearly everyday since I got this job a month ago. It's fun, interesting, exhausting, challenging..... but I really need a few days at home to pack a house and move!  Trying to buy a new house from the road has been to say the least, very stressful. Our house appraisal came in and good news, the buyers can move forward now, it appraised just fine. So as far as I know, there are no more stumbling blocks and we are moving forward, hoping to be in our new house by the end of the month. Big WHOOP! Our due diligence is over!!!!!!

This has been a long frustrating search, but I think I see the light at the end of this dark tunnel and I am so grateful for it to all soon be over!

 Last week I was in Goldsboro. Seymour Johnson air base is there, the store I was visiting is in the flight path of the base. Across the street is Wilber's Barbecue. When I was 22, I got my first "real" job with a furniture company based out of Goldsboro. My new boss took me to lunch at Wilber's. 30 years later, I was sitting in that same parking lot watching pilots practicing touch and goes as they flew over the restaurant. I grabbed a sandwich and had lunch while watching dozens of planes fly over, so close I felt I could reach up and touch them. It was pretty amazing.

This week I am working at the Southern Ideal Home show in Greensboro. Also when I was 22 I lived in Greensboro and went to this show every year when it came to town. It seems as if I am just repeating my life all over again. It feels good to be back revisiting some of these places. Yesterday I helped the Greensboro crew lay sod in our booth. We just have buildings there, but the sod addition was really fun and made me want to set some gnomes around or something. I was just a participant, but I can see a day when I trick out these buildings with props. I can just see one of the sheds with some antiques and garden things for a potting shed, or a man cave, so many possibilities..... just wait.

 The show is really cool. Our neighboring booth spent the entire day laying stone and landscaping. It is absolutely amazing. There are landscape lights, waterfalls, koi ponds, and check out this pizza oven.... want!  Next week I am doing the Raleigh show and then we move! Whew, I can see a hammock and a nap in my future.....


Dennis Allen said...

Very glad to hear the move is going forward.Wishing you smooth sailing.

Michèle Hastings said...

Hurray for a good appraisal! It will all be over before you know it.
Also glad to hear that you are enjoying your new job. So many exciting things happening for you right now.

cookingwithgas said...

How wonderful that things are going well.
I'm very happy for you.
Let's find a day in May to get together.

oldgreymareprimitives said...

I keep hearing the tune" on the road again" in my head when I think of you. Happy that you are so happy. :D
The house is just so gorgeous <3