Monday, August 1, 2016

This day.... this week.... this month!

I was drinking my favorite beer this weekend when Gerry mentioned the name change. I had not even noticed it. He had told me this was coming, the AP did a story on it. But, seriously Budweiser, WTF? You have the most iconic beer around and you decide to call it America?!  You stupid

I am sitting in a hotel room having one from my cooler right now. Its 10:30 pm, I just got in from a store remodel and this is my supper. I had no lunch, supper is beer and crackers. This is not good.
The week/month ahead has me already tired and it has only just begun. Three store remodels in WesternVirginia and Tennessee this week. Three next week down in Charlotte, two the next week in Eastern Virginia, and five store visits the following week in South Carolina.
September.... more of the same. Not quite sure what I got myself into here with this job, but I have done 20 stores and have 30 more to go. I'm going to pretend I'm halfway there.

A mouse is living with us. He is storing food all over the place. I found cat food in my luggage, cherry pits behind our bread box, peanut shells in a box that holds my cutting boards, and today Gerry found some hidden coffee beans, best yet. A mouse on caffeine. Yikes! It built the sweetest little nest in a drawer of family video tapes from yarn I guess it found up with my loom. Hazel, I think this is the yarn you spun.

We put in a small garden just after we moved in to our new place, just because raised beds were there and the whole point of moving was to have a garden. It was late June, but we are harvesting beautiful cucumbers, tons of tomatoes are coming in, peppers and various herbs. We have some okra and potatoes, figs and scuppernongs are ripening.... its a small effort, but worthwhile.

We have rose bushes that I gave up to the Japanese beetles. I pick off what I can but its just scratching the surface, they are relentless and I hate them. At first I wore gloves and timidly dropped them in a bucket of soapy water. Now I call the chickens, I pluck them off with bare hands and drop them in the mouths of my hungry girls. My poor monk friends would shudder.

My truck is serving me well. It is packed with tools and banners and new slat wall hooks, shelves, signs and luggage, a cooler, computer, camera, what a caravan.

I actually got a day to go out with a friend and treated myself to a fun new cuff made of some sort of animal fur and a silver cross. It sort of represents everything this company I work for is not. Today the manger at one store asked who I was voting for. He squirmed when I said Hillary, I squirmed when he said Trump. He is a super nice guy, one of my favorites to work with..... but Trump?
Oh God, help us!


smartcat said...

Now you are busier than ever! Do you wonder what you did with all the free time you had before you started this job?

I now say to those who have different political views from mine, "Let's agree to disagree and not discuss this again." It generally ends discussion and makes things easier.

Don't burn out!

cookingwithgas said...

I was happy to see you before you hit the road. You and your America- American beer- there is a song in there.
This election, I have no words that have not been said.
I will vote, because not to vote this year of all years would be the worse thing ever.
Take care and eat some real food while you are out there.

oldgreymareprimitives said...

I don't think God wants any part of this mess.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see the wool is keeping someone cozy! I wonder what my dad thinks of the name change of his favorite beer? Please, do try and take care of yourself, Tracey!

Tracey Broome said...

Hi all, thanks for the happy wishes. I am bringing a cooler of food, trying to avoid junk, staying out of politics as best I can, yes I too will vote, and yes, God must be slack jawed and dumbfounded by now!
Got one more America beer in the cooler, that's my night here in Johnson City Tennessee

Dennis Allen said...

Be well. Does Bud also remind people that too much America is not good for them?

Tracey Broome said...