Friday, October 7, 2016


Days are filled with puppy love and work and family. Could there be anything more? Maybe more time for friends or vacation, or quiet walks, but mostly life is good and I am blessed. I have very little time for my blog anymore and not much new to say anyway, just puppy puppy.... work is still hard, rewarding but challenging. Gerry is chasing storms, riots....  Wesley is writing and has had a nice gig here with the Center for Documentary Studies, a good distraction and great contacts for the future. She seems happy, healthier than I have seen her in at least three years. Gerry and I love having her and puppy here and dread the day they move on to new adventures.  I cut short my remodels in South Carolina due to Hurricane Matthew and the evacuation panic, got out of there before traffic got crazy. I was heading home and Gerry was heading into the storm. Such is our life.

I lost my entire blog roll, just clicked here one day and poof it was gone. No idea why. I have no time nor the inclination to try and build it back, no idea how to get it back, so I fear I have lost touch with all the wonderful blogs I like reading. Maybe one cold snowy day, I can sit and build a new one..... but there is way more to deal with than a blog right now. One day..... Meanwhile, I'll visit those I can on instagram and email. No cable, no blog, no Facebook, no twitter, living in the dark ages! and yet, somehow I manage to survive and have intelligent thoughts from time to time!

If you know an easy way for me to get my blog roll back, I would love to hear it. I found a few somewhere in my settings, but nowhere near the list I had, bleh.