Sunday, July 20, 2008

Brown bowls and blueberries

Well, here are some of the miserable tests I have been moaning about. Many went in the trash but I am keeping these around for lessons learned. After I ate out of the brown bowl with blueberries I actually liked it and will probably find that it is one of my favorites one day. So, the photos are quick snaps. Would you ever guess that I live with a professional photographer? Cobbler's family and all that.......
Lesson learned: iron clay body with amber celedon, if you want it right with iron clay use white slip. Otherwise embrace brown bowl with iron specks.

Tenmoku, Amber Celedon and Shino over white slip, don't like the shino/slip combo at all. I like Shino better on iron clay body. I think I might epoxy these bowls on the board and hang up on a tree somewhere, might be kinda fun. I think they would look great with shells or rocks or bird's nests in them. I know it seems like a big waste of clay to make bowls for test tiles but I am a visual learner and those little tiles show me nothing. I find something to do with all of this eventually. So, there are more bisque bowls on my shelves and other glazes to experiment with.
Tenmoku and Amber Celedon combo, strange but interesting in the light

Joanne's Matte White, never used this before, it has a wonderful feel to it. A little boring on it's own though.

Question: Is anyone out there firing Earthenware in a gas kiln at 04? Claymakers has a really nice Amber glaze that I would like to continue using but soon I will have a gas kiln. I got an email from John Britt today with a supply list for the kiln workshop. I am going to be a sucky teacher the next two weeks of camp, because my mind is so preoccupied with getting up to John's place. It's like waiting for Christmas!


Alan from Argyll Pottery said...

Like the toes in shot, I usually manage to get my fingers in the way instead. The white looks ok to me the form takes over when the glaze isn't shouting at you, nice tea bowls.

brandon phillips said...

i think that shino surface is prety fantastic, though i'm sure its not what you intended. i seek out a similar sort of surface to my slips out of my wood kiln and i only get a few every firing.

anonymous julie said...

Like Brandon, I really like the shino bowl... it's got a home in my cupboard! :) You made some great work, if brown isn't your thing, then I can understand not being thrilled. You are probably right that you'll like them more given some time.