Thursday, January 8, 2009

This wood stamp is definitely going to work for Raku and wood firing. I like it a lot. I pressed the bark slab all around the edges, a la Joy Tanner (hope that's ok, Joy!).As you can see the sun is blazing in my studio window and I don't have any shades up. Since I haven't really worked in there in awhile, I didn't realize how hot is was getting in the middle of the day. It's also way too cramped with junk right now to work in easily. I HAVE to get cleaning and purging in there. How many plastic tubs can you pile up in one room anyway?! I ordered my kiln yesterday. Sort of bittersweet, since I had high hopes of building one. The obstacles just got to be more trouble than it was worth, mostly with our septic system taking up the only flat ground we have. I think this kiln I ordered will serve my purposes fine for now, and when we move again I will look for a place where a big ass kiln can be built!

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Anonymous said...

Great, deep relief from the butterfly stamp. Good luck in clearing out your studio. It is so much easier to accumulate than deccumulate.

Your new/old tools on yesterday's post look like they will be very useful. Nothing like a worn, wooden handle for feeling good in your hand.