Saturday, January 10, 2009


One of the perks of working as a studio assistant at Claymakers is that I can take any of the classes that they offer and there is usually a good assortment because they hire great instructors/artists to teach there. Today I started a Raku glaze chemistry class for lower temperature firings. Barbara McKenzie is teaching the class and she is a fountain of information. Today we mixed up a lower firing temp base glaze and did line blends 2% 4% 6% 8% with some mason stains, copper carb and cobalt carb. Next week we will make test tiles and fire them the following week. I'll post some results when we get there. Now I have to come up with something to put these glazes on. I went into my studio yesterday and walked right back out. I am uninspired, lazy and zapped of energy and I can get motivated. After reading Hannah's blog I see that I am not alone. I really feel like I am wandering around in a fog. What is up with this? I usually don't have enough time in the day to try all of the ideas I have. Wesley and I are going to the NC art museum in Raleigh tomorrow, they have some great Pre-Columbian, Egyptian, African and Greek pottery so maybe I'll find a muse there. Sure hope so, I have a kiln coming in about two weeks and would love to have something to fire in it.

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Hollis Engley said...

Post-holiday fog, Tracey. At least it is usually that way with me. Sounds like it's common to UK potters as well as US potters. I used up my last 50 pounds of earthenware making some slip-decorated pots over the past week. Got them glazed and in the kiln now. I'm hoping new pots will get me going again. Maybe the museum will do that for you.