Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I'm working out at Mark Hewitt's this week helping to get ready for his spring kiln opening. Mark's place is so great and the people working with him are even better. You know, in the 90's I fought the good fight, worked hard, made pretty good money, had some good friends, and had more stress than anyone should ever have to have. I wore nice clothes, shopped all the time, traveled all the time, bought furniture, art, toys. It all ended badly, very long story. Now, I have on dirty clothes 80% of the time, I never shop, don't really want to buy anything but other people's pottery and some equipment now and then, and I'm incredibly happy. I get to go to work at places like this instead spending time in airports and convention centers. We have what we need and all is well. I'm very lucky!
Lara O'Keefe came by today, talking with Martin Simpson, Joseph Sand and Alex Matisse. Check out Alex's blog for more photos.
Joseph and Mark's gardens, really nice.


Patricia Griffin said...

Hi Tracey - I could really relate to your post. Sounds like my 90's were much like yours... Mark's place looks like great fun... Also, your bowls in earlier post are awesome!

Anonymous said...

same here 90's and 00's... dreamy garden, i'm envious

Linda Starr said...

Oh Tracey, if I could only turn back time on too many years in the rat race - I'm trying to do my best now to make up for lost time; what beautiful photos of the barn and the gardens, love the wood on those old buildings.

tsbroome said...

What was wrong with all of us!!! yep, it is a great pleasure to work out at Mark's!

Hollis Engley said...

Eleven years driving the clogged highways of Our Nation's Capital, wearing a tie, making money, sending the kid to college, led me back here to Cape Cod. I don't miss those days, but they let me learn about making pots and made me some good friends. But I do infinitely prefer making pots near the ocean. So, I get it, Tracey.