Saturday, May 9, 2009

What's been going on

Today I attended a workshop at Claymakers with Po-Wen Liu. Po-Wen demonstrated hand building teapots in the Yi-Xing style and it was a fantastic workshop! He will be doing another workshop in Greensboro soon. If you are around that area, take it. Po-Wen is a wonderful instructor! I hope Claymakers will bring him back soon.
Po-Wen stretching a slab
Using a template to fold up the sides of the teapot
Double layer construction of the top and what will be the lid
Po-Wen's final teapot. I will try sometime soon to make one and photograph the steps in a better way. It was hard to pay attention and shoot photos
This was another one of those weeks. I have a sore throat from talking so much. I finished up a two week residency at the ArtsCenter in Carrboro working with the after school arts immersion program. Our theme for this workshop was food. We made clay food, cupcake boxes, spaghetti men with our guest artist John, we did water color paintings in the style of Wayne Thiebaud and we wrapped up presents for Mother's Day. Here are all my sweet kids! They are the best!
I used cheap aluminum muffin tins from the dollar store, cut them all up and gave each kid one. I left the paper wrappers inside to keep the clay from sticking. Then we made pinch pots for the tops. I glazed all of them in white glaze and let the kids use china paints for the final decoration. One tip, make sure names are on tops and bottoms. Some didn't have names and no one ever remembers what they made.
Donuts, hot dogs, watermelon and pot stickers were some of the food items. There was lots more but most of my close up shots were out of focus, sorry!
Mother's Day gifts and the food drawings we did. Friday evening we had family sharing with pizza and pasta and the kids got to share with their families what we had done for two weeks.

And last but certainly most importantly, the ArtsCenter had a reception/awards ceremony for the winners in the Community Photo Contest. Wesley entered two photographs, one won third place in the adult category and the other one sold. It was fun to see the red dot on her self portrait photo. Here is Wes being pretty much indiscreet watching people check out her work.
So, Happy Mother's Day to all of you moms out there, I'm sleeping all day!!


cookingwithgas said...

Great fun! The teapots are nice- but he is nice to look at as well.
Good looking guy!
What fun with the kids- love the food and the best to your talented daughter!

Anonymous said...

looks like a great workshop... wish the local clay club would bring him here

Hollis Engley said...

You're a busy woman, Tracey. And happy Mother's Day to you!

tsbroome said...

Yep, he is pretty cute! and a very sweet person. He is looking for more workshops to do, so maybe ask him if he could come to your clay club. Yep, Hollis this busy woman syndrome is going to have to settle down a bit! I'm busy doing for everyone else and getting nothing of my own made. After next week, that is going to change!

Linda Starr said...

Great teapot and food clay pieces, so realistic. Love Wesley's self portrait. Can't wait to see more of your work.