Thursday, July 16, 2009

NC School of the Arts

I can't believe we are already looking at colleges, but that we are. Today I took Wes to the NC School of the Arts in Winston Salem NC to tour the campus and check out the film school. She has pretty much decided she wants to go into film/screen writing. If your kid is into classical music, dance, acting, theater production or film making this is the school. I can't begin to say how impressed I was with this campus. Check it out at their very great website.
This is the row of class rooms for the film school. They have their own main street for filming, sound stages, sound and editing rooms that are unreal and the design and production depts. are phenomenal.
This is the very beautiful School of Music building.
Posters of the films made by the fourth year students which will be screened in LA. are the first thing you see as you enter the campus.
Wesley's very good friend Siobhan is in the high school dance program this summer and we were lucky to catch up with her between classes. This is a secret elevator the Visual Art students have "decorated". Notice that she has pried the door open between floors. How did this get figured out!? The graffiti goes all the way down the shaft.
I loved this poem..........
Here are Wes and Siobhan downtown on 4th St in front of the Steven Center for Performing Arts where Siobhan will dance next week.
Great dinner across the street from the Stevens Center at the Mellow Mushroom. What an amazing day! But my poor child's head is spinning and she still has to make it through two more years of high school. She is soooo ready for college. There is a summer program for high school students in the film program so I have to sell a bunch of pottery between now and then to pay for her new passion!


Linda Starr said...

that looks like a great campus, your daughter and friends look so great. Love that building and sculpture, thanks for the tour.

Hollis Engley said...

That "looking at colleges" time is lots of fun. And the NC school looks fabulous.