Thursday, August 20, 2009

Words to lvie by

I hope Barbara Chadwick Bland doesn't mind, but I am posting some words from her blog today about her father. I love this tribute and could only hope to have such wonderful things said about me at the end of my life. Something to strive for I think.............
He had a great depth of character, respected others, was never needy, led by example, worked hard, loved his country and was impeccably honest. He was frugal with himself and generous to others. He knew right from wrong without needing a law or someone to tell him and was a wonderful listener who genuinely appreciated other people's talents and skills. His broad, easy smile lit up a room when he entered and his peaceful spirit welcomed people into his world. When asked to give advice, he had a unique quality that allowed him to do so without ever passing judgment.
Barbara, you were very blessed!!