Tuesday, December 1, 2009

multi tasking

I baked a Tom Gray pizza this afternoon while my kiln was in reduction. I was preheating the oven, checking it's temperature and running downstairs to check the temp on my kiln's pyrometer. Just a bit confusing! Speaking of confusing, I forgot to divide the dough, rolled it out and realized it was a bit thick on the ends. I think the crust ended up being about 3" tall :) Remember a few blogs ago when I mentioned I needed a wife?! or maybe I just need to get Gerry and Wesley cooking classes for Christmas. Sadly, neither of them are very interested in cooking so if we get fed, it's up to me.
I started firing at 7:30 am and finished up at 7:30 this evening. I had a little stall late in the day and then I soaked for thirty minutes at the end. ^10 in the middle went down fine and just on time, but the top shelf only had a bent ^10, not too bad, there were just a couple of trays on the very top, so no great loss if they didn't get to temp. Hopefully the full moon tonight will be a good omen and there will be some nice pots to clean tomorrow. Hope so, I need them for Saturday's sale.

My moral support, Callie and Tyler. They lay upstairs where the heat rises from the kiln, I put a quilt down for them and they stayed there all day. So cute!


Hollis Engley said...

Let's see the pots, Tracey. And that pizza looks pretty damn good. said...

The pizza was good, if you haven't tried Tom's recipe, I highly recommend it. Very easy and the tomato sauce is wonderful! Still waiting on the kiln to cool and it's pouring rain outside, of course!

cookingwithgas said...

I too asked for a wife serveral years back.
People just laughed and thought I was losing it.
But I know what you mean!
It would be nice.
There are times when I am cooking or baking when I think, time to check the kiln when I am really checking the oven.
Yummy pizza and hardy with lots of bread.
Can't wait to see the pots!
Can we look now????