Saturday, January 9, 2010

OK, I said no!

So, I decided I can't do this show after all. I sat down with my calendar trying to figure out when I could be at the theater and it is not going to happen. So, I turned it down. Maybe next time. I have got to focus on all the pottery plans I have going on right now. Stay focused, who said that was their mantra for the New Year? I'm with you!!
I glazed some test tiles today for some more Raku, some pendants and a few other pieces. Hoping for 50 degree F weather next week, I have got to get my kiln fired. And the saggar fire is scheduled for Friday, can't wait!!


Hollis Engley said...

Sometimes, you just have to say "no." Maybe you say "no thank you," but "no" is the operative word. Good for you, Tracey.

Dirt-Kicker Pottery said...

I know it was probably difficult for you to turn down your friend, But I'm sure you will thank yourself later.