Saturday, January 9, 2010

Why can't I say no!?

My good friend Joseph Megel called me yesterday and asked if I was interested in doing props for a new play he is working on for UNC. Well, Joseph is perhaps one of the very nicest people I have ever known and how can you say no to him. So I said, Of course I'l do it! What was I thinking!? I haven't done a show in a year and I was just getting into the full time potter groove here. Plus I have a class starting up about the same time the play goes into production and another friend, Lynden Harris has asked me to do a workshop next weekend for homeless veteran women at Ft. Bragg in Fayettelville (more about that later). Oh well, I got the script yesterday for A Virtual Performance Factory, 150 pages long and will be reading that today, highlighting the props used and wondering where the hell I will get these things. The last big show I did for Joseph was The Goat by Edward Albee and it was a huge undertaking. Again, I couldn't say no and ended up designing the set and doing the props. I did a lot of faux finishing on that set, helped build furniture, and made a bag that looked like a dead goat was in it that actually oozed blood as it was drug across the floor, and made ceramic vases that were thrown and broken every night. That's 5 vases per night, 19 nights, and two weeks of rehearsal. You can do the math! Five years ago, I was working happily as a full time designer for the Charlotte Repertory Theater and thinking that was all I would ever do. I remember one time going for a job interview and the person asked what my five year plan was. I busted out laughing, and you know I didn't get that job! How do you do a five year plan. I can't even get a week's plan to work out right! I get asked to do so many varied things and they all sound like fun, and I can't say no!


Patricia Griffin said...

Oh man, I feel your pain on this one! My goal for the year is to "just say no"... and already I've screwed up and find myself spending time on things that I didn't mean to get involved in.... Perhaps my more realistic goal should be to "just say maybe"... Ha!

Judy Shreve said...

Yeah -- but just think how bored you'd be doing the same thing all the time --
The show sounds fun!

cookingwithgas said...

It is hard, but how exciting that must be.
The no thing though hard to say gets easier to say as I get older.
This from the person who just opened her own can of worms!
Its all good! said...

I'm really thinking I should have said no to this one. I just told Gerry about it and what they will pay me and his reply was "are you crazy"
Wellllll, maaaaaybeeee. But how do I call this sweet man and say I can't do it after all? But, I could be in the studio making sooo much pottery instead of driving around to flea markets and junk stores looking for the prop that does not exist. I haven't even been able to find time this morning to read the script. What is that telling me?!?
Arghhhh, why can't I shut my brain off and on when I need to!

Dirt-Kicker Pottery said...

I have the opposite problem. I can never say yes. I let opportunities pass me by, because do not want to delute my focus. I feel guilty sometimes. But I guess I'm just selfish. Oh well. So that's the flipside.