Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Soap dish

First of all, thanks to all of you for your kind comments yesterday on our anniversary!! XOXO
I have been reading Tig's blog at FuturePrimitive for some time and have wanted to try her soaps. I make these little soap dishes and I would love to figure out how to sell Tig's soaps with them. I finally ordered some and they came yesterday just in time for my 25th anniversary. Thanks Tig for the little anniversary bonus surprise! Great timing :)
I ordered the potter's bar and a soap sampler. The sampler is so adorably packaged on a rope and almost too pretty to use. I even hated unwrapping the packaging is so wonderful. Little touches like this are what buying hand made is all about! Check out the description of the potter's bar:

Stylin' : layers of country charm. With wheat bran to exfoliate the hands of gardeners & potters alike.

Scentin' : airy eucalyptus, dreamy lavender, bitter sweet sicilian lemon all spiked with a smidge of spicy fennel.

Butterin' : organic un-refined cocoa butter to soften chapped or cracked skin.

Colourin' : muted tones of palest mint green & cool washed white.

Arrivin' : in our own branded wrap with a pretty soap card with full ingredients list.

I was out on the porch and came in to the most amazing fragrance in my house. Gerry had just showered with one of the soaps and you could smell it all over the house. Heaven! I can tell already that the amount of bath taking in this house is going to double just so we can smell this soap!
and here is a slightly older version of the couple you saw yesterday and a much more intoxicated version! We had a great dinner last night at our favorite place, Top of the Hill, had fresh blueberry beer and tempura grouper, yummy. We met our friends Laura and Bob for drinks earlier at Lantern Restaurant, they were celebrating their anniversary also. We have to go back to Lantern. Beautiful place, great cocktails, and a fantastic menu. I'm thinking I'll celebrate the big 50 with a party there this year. Check out the link to see their menu. I had a drink called the Late Blossom, pretty appropriate title for me don't you think? I should name my studio that!
OK, well, just back from a deep cleaning at the dentist and a lecture about my poor dental care, and I have 7 cavities so I have to go back and get more drilling done, and I am so excited about that I could just pee! The bill without insurance would have been $700 and we haven't always had dental insurance. How in the HELL are you supposed to take care of yourself with medical costs like that. $700 is more than 2 of our car payments. Don't even get me started! How can I buy more soaps if I have to pay for dental work. torture vs. pleasure which do you think would win here?! Have a great week everyone.......


cookingwithgas said...

I am sitting here while I am suppose to be working on paper work- reading blogs- bad me!
You guys look even better now-what a great looking couple!
Late Blossom- I love it!
And don't get me started on dental work.
I had to borrow money for mine.
I am well over your 700 by about double....
I'd rather have a beer!
Happy Bathing....

Tracey Broome said...

I feel like crap again, you were so right, it feels exactly like you have been mugged by someone! I'm laying here on the sofa with laptop when I should be working, but feel too lousy. Gerry's dental bills have been well over yours, no way we could have afforded it without his insurance and now my bills, and then next week Wesley goes. Jeez..... better than to have teeth you can set in a cup at night though :) haha!!

Trish said... Tracey, don't go for the teeth in a cup yet!! :)..I was commenting to an 80 year old friend the other day(who still has his own teeth), that it is rare today to see 80 year olds WITH their own teeth..that generation, generally opted for the falsies...:) anyways...get the dental work will be happy you did in another thirty years!.
I should be working too..but have been packing up for our 3rd annual ART WALK this weekend.
..super eve to you.T.

Linda Starr said...

You too look so cute; the soaps look great on your raku plates, very nice displays, nothing better than homemade soaps; once you have used them you never want to go back to store bought duds.

We don't go to the dentist unless we absolutely have to since we don't have insurance for dental care any more; Gary went to the dentist in California for a tooth ache and with insurance it was $250 to pull the tooth or $1000 after insurance for a root canal and no guarantees, he had it pulled, then it cost even more due to infection; thank goodness I have strong teeth, although I'm sure a dentist would lecture me about poor dental hygiene. Our medical health insurance is $500 a month and $10,000 deductible per year before they pay a penny; and my back and arthritis and anything related to either isn't covered; in the long run the teeth in a cup might be cheaper; oh well I guess I'll go divert my thoughts with some clay.

Judy Shreve said...

I love home made soaps -- I'll have to venture over and start reading Future Relic's blog.

I love the current picture of you two as well -- sounds like you had a fun night. I think I want to call my studio --'soon to blossom' - do I have to grow up to blossom?

I hate the dentist - the torture & the expense.

Dan Finnegan said...

I'm glad you've joined the 'Future Primitive' fan club! She's a master of her craft!

FuturePrimitive said...

wowza! Thanks Trace. and sorry I didn't leave a message for you on your anniversary post. not had internet for days. just got it back and Matt told me you'd written this post. Thank you x x x

Judy Shreve said...

oops -- make that Future Primitive instead of Future Relic -- although Future Relic is a good read too :>))

Jessica Massey Benton Lobdell said...

Those soaps are so pretty... Congrats on your anniversary. I'd love to photograph your anniversary party (I do things like that as well as photographing thunderstorms). Just give me a call or email if you are interested:

Jessica Massey Benton Lobdell said...

And yes.. I still am planning on doing this work by the time you have your 50th anniversary party! :) Again, congratulations!

Anonymous said...

congrats and happy anniversary! i can't believe that picture of you all... and what better way to celebrate than blueberry beer. those raku dishes look like they were made for displaying those cool organically shaped soaps.

Kari Weaver Hopkins said...

I want to hear more on your rationalization on buying soaps vs paying for dental work. My new grill is taking away the money I was going to use for a car. I'm stuck driving the pickup for another couple of years. I'm gong to spring for some soaps though.

Patricia Griffin said...

The soaps sound lovely. Can almost smell them over the net! Wow, you must be very stoic with the cavities. I'd be a whiney baby all the time if my teeth hurt. No dental insurance for us either. Had to have a cap replaced last year. Ouch. Then there is my hubster... One tiny little cavity from when he was a kid. No other issues and he only brushes his teeth ONCE a day. Genetics. Jeez.