Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Biloya Pottery

Today my pottery group, well most of us anyway, two were missing, had our first field trip to visit Noah Riedel at Biloya Pottery. Noah makes beautiful pieces with wonderful surface treatments and an architectural feel and he was kind enough to let us come out and bombard him with questions. He is digging his own clay on his property for terra sig, and guess who is going to be out by the creek this afternoon with a shovel and a bucket? I never even thought about making sig from the clay I have here. I know I don't want to be processing clay for construction purposes, but sig I can do! Our main purpose in visiting Noah was to see his efficient use of a very small space for his studio. It's great, well thought out and quite workable for such a small building.
Here are some of his cups, these are beautiful finished, Kristen bought one at the sale he had with Ronan Peterson, and it's just lovely.
Kristen and Noah chatting about frits and electric firing. He is getting some amazing results with an electric kiln.
Charlotte, Kristen and I have sort of formed this support group(artist guild like thing) with two other girls, Amy and Ronnie. We have decided to meet on the first Wednesday of the month, take field trips, have coffee, discuss pottery, and try to have a show at least once a year. So far, it's working out great, but we need a name......
Here's Noah with a board full of other great cups, behind him is Lake Ellen, very pretty spot for a studio, and below we got a little demo of the kickwheel he designed for standing up. You just can't believe how much he has in this small space and yet there is still lots of room to work. has me thinking of where I am going to come up with the $$ to get a small building :)
Thanks a bunch to Noah for having us over and sharing so much information. I just love how giving potters are with their knowledge, don't you? It's like, hey I know something, let me tell you all about it, see how it works for you! I just love that! Check out Noah's website, I think you will like it!


S_crack said...

Great stuff, Tracey, such elegant forms and sophisticated colors.

Ron said...

I like Noah's pots. I saw them at FRANK last time I was in CH. I know what you mean about the group name. Jen Mecca and I are racking our brains to come up with a group name too. It's great to have 'support' out there, working as a group is a good idea.

woodfirer said...

Great to see pictures of Noah's set up - he came to Denmark in 2007 and took part in the "Woodfire Marathon" (7 firings) at Guldagergaard.

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...


It looks like you like Steinbeck.
You could change your meeting day to Thursday and call yourselves
'Sweet Thursday Guild'

Noah's spot is wonderful

Linda Starr said...

An artists group sounds wonderful.

DirtKicker Pottery said...

I use a kick wheel and I just can't imagine standing and kicking the wheel. I'm sure I would lose my balance. Noah's mugs are very cool.

Kari Weaver Hopkins said...

I like Noah's mugs and am going to check out the website.
You need a cool, creative name, like ours: "Clay Club".
Oh, and thanks for calling me cute. It means a lot to this 43-yr-old with braces. :)

Patricia Griffin said...

What a fun day! There is a group of girls in San Francisco area that call themselves the Pottery Posse.

Laura said...

'Pittsboro Pottery Posse'! P to the third power.

S_crack said...

How about:
T racey
R onnie
A my
C harlotte
K risten

Just a thought.

noah said...

Hey Tracey! Thanks for coming out. It was fun having you all over. I was trying to think of a good name for your group, but I think S_Crack may have nailed it. You could call your Wednesday events 'TRACK meets' or 'TRACK 'n field trips'.

Tracey Broome said...

Noah, Kristen would love that! She's our sporty girl! I think TRACK is pretty cool, I passed it on to the others. Laura, you and Susan are my posse, can't use that! Hey everybody else, glad you liked the post on Noah, he is really a great guy!

S_crack said...

It was just an idea. Maybe you could use the first letters of your last names instead, that might give you something more art or crafty sounding. Other than "B" I don't know what the letters are.
Have fun! Your barns and houses are so nicely done.