Sunday, October 2, 2011

What a Day!

You know how some people just automatically assume that artists are flakes? Haven't you heard that phrase- flakey artist? Well I believe I might be one, it was sort of confirmed today.
Mr. Cook, if you are checking out my blog please send me an email or let me tell you here that the day ended well.
For the rest of you, here is what I'm talking about. This very kind family came into my booth today, wonderful people. I remembered the paterfamilias from last year. He bought two of my favorite barns last year at Festifall. So today, they picked out another barn and a couple of other pieces. All was good, cash paid, packages packed and when they came back for them, the money that had been paid had disappeared and I was having everyone in my booth looking for a sum of money I would rather not lose. Why is it, when you are dealing with a particular amount of money and trying to pack several pieces of delicate pottery, your booth fills up with friends and other folks wanting to make purchases. Needless to say, my booth was crazy just as this family showed up and this very kind man felt bad for me and gave me back cash that I had given him for change earlier in the transaction. Are you still with me? See why money got lost?! It was no where to be found, so I figured in the chaos someone saw the cash lying on my clip board and snatched it when no one was looking. I am so careful with money at festivals, I keep a small bag around my neck and make sure I give credit cards back and count back change several times. It's not like there is a cash register there. I was pretty bummed out, but decided if someone took it, they must need it more than me and I tried to let it not ruin my day. Thanks Bridget, for being there to sympathize! Former student and now friend, you are the best!
Anyway, it all worked out, the money turned up, I'll spare you that long story. BUT, I feel that I owe my good customer some money back or at least another piece of pottery, so if you check out this blog, get in touch with me!!!! I am really not that flakey, just don't like multi tasking at street festivals, especially when my booth is packed:) It is so hard to manage a crowd of people in a 10X10 booth by yourself. Wesley used to be there helping, but now she is at film school. Gerry helped out a lot today, as if he doesn't have enough to do, he works relentlessly with his crazy AP schedule, but showed up on his one day off to help me load in, pack up, brought me food, sat in my booth if I needed a break, and wandered around alone, because his daughter is usually there to keep him company. THANKS Gerry!!!!!
It was so great to see so many friends today. I saw people that were wearing my pendants that they bought at other shows, that was cool to see, I saw old friends from Claymakers and the Artscenter that I used to work with, and many of my old students including one precious child that I taught when she was in first grade, now a very grown up 5th grader and a beautiful young girl, and she remembered me! All in all, except for the money thing, it was a great day, great conversation, funny customers, a great and very helpful husband and decent sales for a sad economy. It could have been better, but it was fine.
The last proof of becoming a flake is this: I offered to buy Gerry dinner for helping me and I paid the check with cash, without having my glasses on, one of the bills I pulled out was a $100 bill, I thought it was a $20, and I told the waiter to keep the change! Luckily he was an honest guy and corrected me. I just don't think I was intended to hold on to money today. I'm probably sending most of this to Wesley at college, so those of you that bought something today, just remember you are helping my daughter with her future career as a screen writer!
Thanks to ALL of you that bought my work today, and thanks to all the friends that showed up with your smiles and hugs!!! It was great to see all of you and catch up on your lives. I am very blessed and my inventory is down a bit. I have some great new things coming out of the kiln next week, I think......


Linda Starr said...
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Laura Farrow said...

wow, your booth looks terrific!! congrats on a good festival day! xo

cookingwithgas said...

you need a good system and maybe a bigger bag or cash box for your recites.
It is hard to do shows alone and good of Gerry to help.
The booth looks great!
and I think the planets are all out of whack-I too have had some strange days here.

Tracey Broome said...

Thanks Laura, I felt like my tables were a little too small, need some bigger ones. Yep, Linda it is exhausting! Meredith, the bag works fine and I don't really want to do a cash box because I have had friends that have had theirs stolen. The thing is the chaos when a bunch of people come into my booth all at once. In a 10X10 it's hard and I had so many friends stop by and visit! It was a fun day though, so all's well that end's well :)

Lori Buff said...

Your booth does look terrific. I always try to slow down and make sure everything goes as it should with a sale but it is hectic and we are so used to a society that doesn't want to wait. Signing the guest book only takes up so much of a customer's time, and none if they are already in it.
My partner spends so much free time helping me do shows this time of year. We are so fortunate to have these people in our lives.

Tracey Broome said...

Thanks Lori! My booth looked like hell by the end of the day! We are very fortunate to have people in our lives that want to share in our happiness and take care of us!
My daughter called last night to see how my day went, so great to have that!

Michèle Hastings said...

i understand your money stress... i always count change twice AND use a calculator for the simplest of math for fear of screwing up. glad you found your money at the end of the day. i agree with Meredith,it has been a weird few days.

Dennis Allen said...

I've begun using a wallet with a chain on it. Works for me and keeps me from stuffing cash in my pockets willy nilly.Also a big plus is when I tell patrons their charge slip will be CHAINED! to my body until I enter it in the computer and shred the slip.Love the repeat customers too. When a prior buyer says they love their purchase and use it every day it means more to me than anything a juror could say.

ang walford said...

far out trace such drama!!!! glad you got it sorted...those are so the moments you need to focus on the one thing goin on :))