Saturday, June 30, 2012

Some highlights from the show

 I really enjoyed the NC Potters show at the Greenhill Center in Greensboro last night. The potters that were invited to be in this show really put their best foot forward and there are some amazing pieces in the show. Here are the first of lots of photos I took last night, these are some pieces that I personally liked a lot. The figure by Tom Bartel was one of my favorite things in the show.
 Joy Tanner had some beautiful work and some red dots when I left. I love the handles Joy puts on her work.

 For me, some of the most beautiful pieces in the show were these pieces above by Matt Jones. I am a huge fan of Matt's work, although I can't really afford it. Maybe one day......
 Susan Feagin has very original work and fun to look at. Her surfaces never photograph for me as well as they look in person. These were some of my favorites. I may have to go back and shoot some more pics of her work and maybe buy a piece if there is any left, it's very interesting and she doesn't have a huge web presence where you can go and look at a lot of her work.
 Steffanie Martin is also doing some great surface work, very original and so interesting. I liked the work she had in the show a lot, I have more photos for later.
 Shaunna Lyons had some interesting earthenware. I shot this because I like the way she is hanging these tiles. Notice the wire that runs through each side and is exposed. I think this is a great way to hang a piece. There seemed to be a lot of red earthenware/ slip work in this show. Lots of drawing and sketching on the surface. Honestly, a lot of it looked very similar and the mentor work for me was more original than some of the invited artists. Not that any of it was bad, just similar in thought. Although it was all fun to look at and all exceptionally well crafted, I personally lean towards the more traditional Seagrove pottery and good old wood fired work for my home. Give me a brown pot any day!
 I liked this piece by Val Cushing, interesting balance to this one
 I thought Tom Gray's platter was a very well crafted piece. I talked to Tom at the show and discussed the fact that he has been doing this down in Seagrove for over thirty years. His work shows that. It is well made, although it seemed very subtle among many of the younger potters, the flashy glazes, the bright colors, lustres, drawings, uber decoration. His piece just quietly sat there with it's own presence, but look, the platter has a red dot, someone else appreciated the quiet beauty like I did. Yay for Tom!
Steven Forbes de Soule was Ronan Peterson's mentor. Ronan curated the show and had some really great pieces in it (more photos later). I took a workshop with Steven at Penland a few years ago and he is one of the finest teachers I have had. He has some lovely raku in this show. Maybe some of the only raku I saw, but some of my favorite pieces.
I still say, of everything I saw, for me, Oh Hyang Jong's pieces were the ones I liked the best, by far. Quiet, still, and soulful. You can see a slideshow of him if you google his name and Michael Hunt.
More later....


Laura Farrow said...

great job on the photos, Trace! you do have a talent there. xo

Tracey Broome said...

Thanks! It was easy, just point to a beautiful object and click :)

Ben Carter said...

Great to see pics of the show. I keep hearing a lot about it but wont be able to make it in person.

It was interesting to hear what you said about the mentor pots being stronger than the invited artists. Mentorship is a strange but wonderful proposition. Sometimes only a technique is transfered from mentor to student while others transfer less obvious non-visual characteristics like problem solving or work ethic. I'd love to hear more about what you think about the mentors vs the invited artists.

Have a good weekend.

Tracey Broome said...

Hi Ben, it's only my opinion, but yes I think I liked many mentor pots more, more today!

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Tracey this was nearly as satisfying as walking through the show myself. I have a favorite but I aint saying, because they are all amazing