Monday, April 29, 2013

I'm not the only one apparently

I received an email today asking me to sign a petition at supporting hearings to have the EPA regulate RF emissions instead of the FCC.  I have added a tab up top with my header, you can click on the tab and see the petition.

PLEASE take a moment and READ the information, and SIGN the petition. It's sort of long, a lot of information there, but you can do it, pour yourself a cup of tea and challenge that smart brain of yours! It's good information.

This is important, have you noticed how many cell towers are popping up lately? On our way to see Wesley the other day, an hour's drive, we counted at least seven or eight towers that we didn't remember seeing before. They are growing faster than trees! Do you want to live near one of these?

 RF emissions are my pet annoyance right now. I feel like I live in a giant microwave, and nobody asked me if I wanted to, they just shoved me in it!

I know I know...... my blog is getting a bit political, but, I'm sorry. I plan to live another 50 years and I want my child and my grandchildren to have a nice place to live without worrying about the latest cause of cancer. EVERYTHING out there is causing cancer and I don't want it! I watched it kill my dad, it sucks, man!

Shouldn't we leave this place better than how we found it?

PLEASE sign the petition!!!!!!!!


Lori Buff said...

Some people would argue that artists are often political. Thanks for the link to the petition and looking out for us.

Tracey Broome said...

Lori, so true, sometimes it takes the artists to stand up and shout, look at all the musicians and actors that have made their voices heard.... Little drops in the bucket, but it all adds up :-)

Amy said...

thanks for sharing this. lately I've been reminded that the phrase "I'm not the only one" is truer than often apparent. Your post was another reminder of such. Signed! :) We have to stick together and keep fighting for what is true.

Tracey Broome said...

Thanks Amy, I was feeling pretty alone a few weeks ago, until more and more people sent emails with similar thoughts. Sometimes it's scary to be the first one to bring up a subject maybe no one wants to.think about:) and yes, I'm not the only one, thank goodness!

Sandy miller said...

Signed last night and they had a way to go to get the needed signatures....... Pass this on!

Tracey Broome said...

Hey Sandy, THANKS! Yes, everyone please pass it on!